How to successfully sell your used motor home?

Posted by nationalrv on February 20th, 2015

Sometimes motor home owners decide that they no longer want motor homes, because their families want to go on vacations in different arrangements. In such situation,    before sell my motorhome, you will want to do some preparations. These preparations include bringing your motor home in the best condition you can, and investigating the motor home market and current demand (so that you can set a realistic price on your motor home). Maybe you will even determine that currently is not the best moment to sell my motorhome, because there is too much offer and the prices are too low.

First and most important thing to achieve success in used motor home sale is to repair anything that is not functioning and make it look the best way possible. Best appearance will be achieved with thorough cleaning. Clean your motor home from inside and outside. Cleaning is a good way to discover some hidden problems and get opportunity to resolve these as well.

It is worth investing in motor home before announcing it for sale, because you will get a better price for it. If you buy new carpet for the interior, and take it to mechanic to repair any mechanical problems, you will go long way with potential buyer.

Announcing that you are going to sell my motorhome is a second step in this process. Take good photos of your motor home interior and exterior and add them to your ad, weather you place it online or in newspapers. It is worth investing in paid ad (i.e. to pay more for ad with photos), because it has been statistically proven that goods with photos in ads always sell faster and receive much better response from potential buyers. Photo is a first presentation of your motor home, so make appealing photos that present it in its best light.

While announcing motor home sale in ads, you can also place your motor home in front of your house with a sign FOR SALE and your contact details.

Prepare legal documents for sale, once you reach an agreement with prospect buyer. Include all the relevant details in contract, primarily how will the price be paid-preferably, in cash, at once. After signing of contract and receiving the money, you can transfer ownership of your motor home to the buyer.

And finally, if you don't want to spend time over all these details to sell my motorhome, you can always sell it to authorized dealer and save yourself much time and energy.

Author: Chris Cannon, sales manager in authorized car dealer's office.

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