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Posted by Stephen on February 22nd, 2021

Shopify Test Payments isn't another thing in Shopify. Fundamentally, it an element that helps you in ensuring that your installment can be handled easily when your customers purchase a product.

Nonetheless, testing installment on Shopify some of the time can create turmoil for the individuals who are newbies to this platform. Furthermore, not having the option to acknowledge cash will most likely discourage the accomplishment of your business.

Subsequently, in this article, you will be presented Shopify Test Payments and how to augment its advantages.

Before you Test Shopify Payment

Truth be told, the test mode is known as quite possibly the most famous highlights of Shopify payments. Shopify users can utilize it to check how their customers pay for their own requests and test how users and their staff can deal with those orders. Observe that you can't make a difference the genuine credit cards to pay for those orders while your test mode is actuated and empowered.

Before you test your Shopify installment, we should look at it first on the off chance that you are qualified to utilize the door. On the off chance that you don't utilize any Shopify payments, you can produce a request utilizing the Shopify reward entryway.

Moreover, there are a few installment strategies like iDEAL and Sofort, which are not accessible at the checkout as the test mode gets initiated. Because of the above reasons, you are unequipped for empowering the test mode on any stores that are presently producing.

Kindly recall that you ought not to satisfy test orders since you will be charged for the shipping labels you have purchased. On the off chance that you use applications to get orders satisfied consequently. From that point onward, get it deactivated before you produce test orders.

Just after you finish your testing Shopify payments, you can undoubtedly get your test mode incapacitated all together that the customers can feel simple to finish the installment for their request by utilizing their own genuine credit cards.

On the off chance that you don't utilize Shopify Payments and might want to check the checkout cycle, you can wind up with a test request through the Shopify counterfeit door.

Enable test mode for Shopify payment

Step 1: Log in to your Shopify account

  • Before doing anything, don’t forget to log in to your Shopify account by your own email and password.

Step 2: Go to Payment providers

  • Next, from the Shopify admin, you can select Settings -> Payment providers.

Step 3: Choose Manage

  • To continue, you can select Manage in the Shopify Payments area.

Step 4: Go to Enable Test Mode

  • Then, go to Enable Test Mode in the Test Mode section.

Step 5: Click on Save

  • Finally, don’t forget to click on Save.

In the next few tests, orders can be created and users are able to test the transactions by applying for a test credit card number. You also take note that there exist plenty of test numbers so as to generate their successful transactions, even failed transactions, and transactions in various currencies. (Read more: Shopify Payment Fees).

Test your successful transactions

To test a successful transaction, you had better use the information below as you are required to fill in your credit card details at the checkout:

  • Name on card: Type minimum two words

  • Expiry date: Type any date in the upcoming time

  • Security code: Type three digits randomly

  • Card number: Apply for the following numbers:

Card Type - Test Credit Number
Visa: 4242424242424242
Mastercard: 5555555555554444
American Express: 378282246310005
Discover: 6011111111111117
Diners Club: 30569309025904
JCB: 3530111333300000

Test your failed transactions

In case you would like to look at the error messages from your credit card to be shown to the customer during your checkout, you can use the following test credit card number to test out the various failed transactions:

  • Type this credit card number 4000000000000002 to create a card declined message
  • Type this credit card number 4242424242424241 to create a wrong number message.
  • Type this credit card number 4000000000000259 to generate a disrupted transaction.
  • Type an expiry month that is invalid like 14 to create a message from an invalid expiry month.
  • Type an expiry year in the past to create a message from an invalid expiry year.
  • Type a two-digit security code number to create a message from an invalid security code.


Hopefully, the above post on Test Shopify Payment can somehow assist you in gaining inclusive information on the test mode in Shopify and Shopify payment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for further discussion and feedback.

Article sources: https://avada.io/shopify/docs/shopify-test-payment.html

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