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Posted by yasas on August 15th, 2010

Two souls with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one.Wedding  day,could be the most important and beautiful day of your life.And today many couples are having wedding reception which is important as well as wedding day.Surely you will try to make it a memorable day.So it is very important to plan everything correctly.When we planing a wedding very first thing we should consider mostly is wedding invitations.So let?s take a look at how to write a good wedding invitation for a wedding reception.

?         You may think that this could be very simple thing.But this could be really time consuming job.But it is worth to spend the time since you want to make it a memorable day.Because wedding invitation is the thing that give first impression about your wedding to your guests.So wedding invitation is something that reflects your wedding.There are plenty of styles that you can choose.And you have to choose what is the best design to your wedding invitations.Because it depends on the event and your desires.

?         Good wedding reception invitations are always best in giving the right direction to the guests about where to go and also gives the exact time.

?         First of all mention that this is about wedding reception.For a example you can start with the word ?Reception? or something creative.

?         It would be good if you include fun creating thing to the first part of your wedding invitations.For a example ? You can use your favorite song or poem verse or maybe you can write your own verse.

?         Remember to write your entire wedding invitation in personal level.That means your reception invitation must be in a very relaxed style and not in a formal manner.So avoid using any formal words.But this could be depend on the reception.So it is your choice whether to be formal or in formal.

?         If the reception take place at the same venue as the wedding ceremony.Then these invitations are with separate card that is included actual wedding card.

?         It is not important to elaborately design and have an opening verse or wordy elements in your wedding invitation.

?         Content of separate invitation should be with details that describes correct date and time of the reception also with direction to get there.

?         And most importantly include a phone number or any other easy way to contact you as soon as possible when your guests wanted.

?         And do not hesitate to mention if there anything you want to inform your guests.If you?re planing to do something unique in a special place otherwise it?s not necessary to state self explanatory things like dress codes.

?         Wedding reception invitation is not necessary to be mail separately.Because it could be much expensive due to the extra postage prize.So think for a some kind of creative idea to be use.For a example ? You can print both invitations on same card,but as two pieces which can be separate.So guests can carry them along for the direction for two times.

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