Tips for Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance during winter

Posted by Sarah Jones on February 22nd, 2021

Most human beings dream of a home with a big lawn and a big backyard. However, significantly fewer people are aware of the care and treatments a lawn needs for proper maintenance. But if you love your lawn, you must certainly know the importance of lawn care and know that just watering and mowing is not enough. Though watering and mowing is the primary treatment that a lawn requires, it also requires some other special lawn services.

Tips for Lawn Care during winter

Winter can create significant damage on lawns, especially in regions where ice and snowfall are common during winters. So, it is a suggestion for all homeowners to take time out from their routine and take care of their lawns besides sitting by the fire during winter. These days also depend on lawn services provided by different agencies instead of doing the job all by themselves. But even if you opt for these lawn services, it is still crucial for you to know specific tips as mentioned below for taking proper care of your lawn:

1. Clean Your Lawn: The biggest and most important tip of lawn care during winter is to keep your lawn clear throughout the season. Even before winter arrives, rake the leaves from the lawn and remove any debris, toys, and tools on the lawn. If you fail to remove the debris or leaves from the lawn, the grasses beneath it may get killed, and even if they don't get killed, new growth will be prevented.

2. Add Some Mulch: When you add a layer of mulch on your lawn around the plants, shrubs, and trees, you are providing your landscape an extra layer of protection during winter. Mulch is capable of controlling erosion and loss of water from the soil. Besides, if you put down 2 inches of mulch, it will also ensure a uniform temperature in the soil around the plants and trees' roots.

3. Protects the Young Trees: You must wrap wire mesh around the younger trees' base in your lawn. Often animals tend to gnaw the trees' barks during the winter, but wrapping up the bark with wire mesh may prevent it from happening.

4. Prune Your Plants: Extreme temperatures during the winter might affect your plants in different ways, but when you prune your plants, you are opening the wound that needs to get healed. The best time for pruning is late winter, as growth already begins before spring, pruning can heal the plant even before that.

5. Close Your Lawn for Pedestrians: During winter, more people will try to pass through your lawn as it will be more challenging for them to walk through snow-covered sidewalks. So, cutting down the number of people using your lawn is also an important way of care for your lawn. If you cut a path across your lawn, the grass might take longer to grow; thus, your lawn will take longer to recover during the spring.

6. Remove Snow Regularly: If you stay in any region with a very rough winter and a lot of snowfall, you must make sure to remove it from your lawn regularly. If there are trees in your lawn with branches that are more exposed to heavy snow loads, tie the branches together. Remove snow from branches by merely brushing the area; never shake the limbs as it might break the branches. Besides, damaged trees are more prone to diseases, so make sure you cut all the branches that might break during heavy snowfall or ice storm.

7. Don't Use Too Much Salt: Any salt or other products which stimulate melting of snow are mostly harmful to plants and trees as it might pull water away from the roots of the plants. So, if you use rock salt to melt snow from your lawn, make sure to flash out the soil to get rid of the salt, and also never pile salt-filled snow on your lawn when you shovel. You can also use deicers made with calcium chloride for melting snow, as they are less harmful than sodium chloride-based ice melts.

Benefits of Seeking Lawn Services for Lawn Treatment:

Though it is imperative to take proper care of your lawns during winter, some homeowners still fail to do it because of the busy schedule they have to follow each day. But, even if you have time, you can opt for professional lawn services as it comes with the following benefits:

• Avoids Accidental Damage: No matter how proficient you are as a landscaper, sometimes professionals can provide you with the best service as they understand the soils and the plants and trees standing on them. You might often cause negative impacts by over fertilizing or overusing rock salt on your lawn (to melt snow), which professionals will certainly not do.

• Cost-Effective: It might sound quite weird but hiring lawn service is cost-effective. It might be quite difficult for you alone to take care of the lawn, and selecting proper tools is often a big challenge for you, as a result of which you will end up buying unnecessary tools. So, by hiring lawn service, you would save your time and your money, which you invest in buying unnecessary tools.

• Increases Property Value: A house with a lawn well treated by professionals might attract many buyers and increase value when it is put up for sale.

Summing Up

With all the points mentioned above about lawn treatment tips and benefits, it must be quite clear why you should appoint professionals from big lawn service companies like Walnut Ridge Landscape & Design for this purpose. They will provide you with the best services as lawn cleaning might be quite a challenging job if you do it all by yourself. If you are an owner who is very caring about his lawn, make sure to consult them as soon as possible.

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