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Posted by ivfgreece on February 21st, 2015

There is nothing more wonderful for women than when she gives birth to a baby. The child is indeed a storehouse of happiness. He gives the parents the reason to smile and laugh. It might be his activities or his expression; each and every moments spend with a child is priceless. The life of the parent revolves round their children and they always pray for his health and happiness.

However there are some women, who are not able to conceive. And when the woman does not conceive after repeated trials, she starts feeling broken. But it is important to remember here, that science has progressed a lot, and there are availability of medications, technologies and treatments which have definitely increased the chance of treating infertility.

 When a couple visits the doctors for infertility, like in Infertility Treatments UK, they are needed to go through a number of tests, in order to diagnose the problem. Once the test is done, the doctors plan the treatment taking care of the many factors. Like a different plan of action is needed for hormonal balance and some other for Infertility over 40 Italy. There are the following treatments available with the gynecologist who will fill the couple homes with giggles and laughter:-

  • Stimulate ovulation- if the woman is not able to ovulate at time or produce fewer amounts of eggs or even in case of PCOD, they are given some medications or injections. These medications or injections stimulate the ovaries to work properly.
  • Intrauterine Insemination- in this treatment, the male semen is injected directly into the body of the women by vaginal cavity by insemination. In this process the semen is collected and examined before the ovulation period and injected at the right time. This treatment is used in case of hormonal imbalance, endometriosis or even when man is impotent.
  • Surgery- surgery is utilized when the women is suffering from fallopian tube blockage or PCODs.
  • IVF- also known as In vitro fertilization is the advanced of all the above treatments. The various methods used in here include, Intra cytoplasm sperm injection, Assisted hatching, Donors, Gestational carriers. The methods amongst these above are used after careful consideration and need. The In Vitro Fertilization Australia has provided with positive result.

The couple however needs to follow some important rules when going through the treatment-

  • The couple needs to cut down on alcohol.
  • Any sort of drug or smoke is strictly prohibited.
  • It is mandatory to take all the medications and injection in time.
  • It is also important to eat healthy and nutritious food.
  • The couple should also be open to the gynecologists about any and every gynecologist problems the women is facing.

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