Can you clean and reuse sneeze guards?

Posted by Robert Smith on February 22nd, 2021

With the introduction of COVID-19 in 2020, many changes took place across the world. Things like sanitizers, face masks, and gloves became an essential part of every household. One of those materials was the sneeze guards.

 Sneeze screens are one of the most effective ways to reduce viruses' transmission and protect your customers and employees.

Do sneeze guards work?

In simple words, these guards help maintain a barrier between people. So, the chance of spreading germs and viruses decreases. These guards are utilized for many purposes in restaurants, bakeries, receptions, pharmacies, etc.

They are as effective as a face mask because any spit or spray cannot land on other surfaces. Sneeze guards are the best way to stop widespread viruses like corona from spreading. It keeps the germs and viruses contained at a place and restricts them from invading other areas.

Sneeze guards are made of acrylic and plexiglass, and both of these materials are water-resistant and durable, making the guard easy to install and use.

How to clean the Sneeze Guards?

If you want your sneeze guards to look professional and new, try to clean them regularly. Follow the given steps to clean your sneeze guards.

  1. The first step involves disinfecting the sneeze guard with common household cleaners like bleach and water.
  2. Now, use the microfiber cloth with bleach or isopropyl alcohol to disinfect the clean barrier.
  3. Use any plastic cleaner to smoothen the fine scratches and polish the plastic to keep it clear.
  4. The acrylic on sneeze guards tends to scratch easily, and a microfibre cloth can often cause such blemishes. This cloth can clear the surface without putting a scratch on the material.
  5. Covering the area from top to bottom, wipe the entire surface until it is clean. Also, clean the front and back of the sneeze guards.

With these simple cleaning steps, you can keep your sneeze guards clear of any bacterias and viruses.

What should you avoid while cleaning the Acrylic surface?

Acrylic surfaces are versatile, and cleaning them with the wrong agents can damage them entirely. The cast acrylic is non-porous, and the areas near the edges can easily dry out, cracking the acrylic.

Avoid using products with alcohol on the acrylic surface, as they can crack the edges. Check the composition of the cleaning agents before purchasing, and don't buy the one with alcohol. You also have to avoid ammonia-based products for cleaning the sneeze guards. It leaves the clear acrylic surfaces smoky and foggy.

The best way to clean the acrylic surface is by removing the dust particles initially. It will reduce the chances of scratches on the surfaces when you wash them using soap and water. Try using a soft cloth instead of an abrasive cloth to dry off the sneeze guard.

The above-mentioned steps will keep the sneeze guard clear for the life of the product. These guards help develop trust between the employees and customers by preventing them from harmful viruses and infection.

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