Monetise Your Business Through Android App Ads And Ads For Mobile Site

Posted by Aaeesha on February 23rd, 2015

A mobile handset is like second skin to today’s human population. Hence it comes as no surprise that the ads for mobile sites have gained immense popularity. These mobile advertising sites offer the scope to reach a wide spectrum of people instantly.

These ads for mobile sites enable app developers and mobile publishers to earn high revenue from their mobile inventory. These ads reach the customers’ phones instantly and directly which enhances business opportunities. They hit the right audience at the point of need and necessity. This makes the ad more effective and popular as a strategy for marketing.

The ads are set for a boon considering that the market for mobile advertising is growing at an amazingly fast rate. Android app ads have become mandatory instruments for companies to market their business to the growing consumer market.

Smart phone users rarely keep their phones away from themselves and hence they become very easy targets for these android app ads. Marketers see the scope of expanding their marketing horizons through such ads and they reap rich benefits. Not only are these ads in your face, they are also cost effective, giving the companies a chance to explore their options wisely. It is easy to build a customer data base and it is an easy tool to hold on to customers and indulge in loyalty marketing.

Mobile ads are more personal and customers are likely to pay more attention to an ad posted on the mobile site than any other media and it also gives the marketers a freedom from the barriers of time and location.

Businesses across the world are considering mobile advertising as a strong marketing strategy and is the current ruling trend in the marketing industry. The android app ads can be obtained easily and are for free and the consequences of each are that they are on display all the time either on the bottom or top of the screen.

The monetary benefits accrued from the mobile ads are a reality now thanks to the revolution in app based ads. One can connect with over a million Google advertisers and show relevant ads on the app and in turn it into a money churning machinery.

Mobile advertising spans over a vast area as there are a lot of scope of advertising over a broad spectrum. This may include text messaging, paid search sites, app advertising and much more. The android based ads generate lot of traffic and provide access to the content of the ad through the app. It allows for premium ads from advertisers for the app traffic and generates additional revenue without added cost. The changes made to the ad site reflect immediately on the app and hence provide instant monetisation of the app.

The advent of such a scene in the mobile app world spells a long lasting and fruitful relationship of companies with customers.

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