3 Crucial Things That Help you Define a Good School

Posted by george on February 23rd, 2015

Is your child’s schools admission giving you cold feet? Have you done all kind of research and still not figured out which school?

Finding a ‘good school’ is easy if you know all that it takes to have a good school. Here’s a guide that will help you define a good school to consider for your child’s admission:

How does the school rank in terms of academics?

One of the important factor you can call a school a good one for your child.

Academics play a crucial role in building a strong foundation to your child’s future. Hence, this is one thing you should delve into before considering your child’s admission to the school. Teaching and learning methods have evolved and reached a competitive stage across the world. Schools use different technologies to deliver knowledge.

There are two important factors that will impact academics of a school—a good faculty and the teaching methods. In the school search, you must check if the institution makes use the best teaching methods and has the most competent faculty members. In order to find world class education in Gurgaon, you will need to conduct a thorough research on the schools you are considering.

Does the school include co-curricular activities as a part of the curriculum?

Because of the importance these activities play in a child’s overall growth, they are included as a part of the curriculum in most schools. Every child deserves an opportunity to excel in his/her own talent or abilities at an early stage. Schools are the early platform for children to identify their skills in a particular field. You must make enquiries at the schools of how they infuse co-curricular activities into the curriculum. The activities could include, but are not limited to, sports, art and music, dance, theatre, and much more.

Many schools in the Delhi NCR region take co-curricular very seriously and they encourage students to take up one or more activities. With proper coaches and trainers, students get to excel in their areas of interest.

What measures does the school ensure for the students’ safety?

Most good schools consider security of students the highest priority and make use of the technology to ensure the safety measures in the school premises. They install CCTV cameras; and assign security personnel to overlook the security of the students while they are in the school. Nurses and doctors are also appointed to take care of any health issues students may face while in school.

You must make sure that the school you are considering for your child has provisions for the safety and security of students while in school and till they get back home.


While there are many other things to call a school a good one, these are some basics that you must pay attention to. You must visit the school, check the website, read reviews and ask friends and relatives before you finalize a school for your child. 

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