Special and recognized look by embroidery and screen printing in USA

Posted by Robin on February 23rd, 2015

Embroidery is an art to make designs on shirts, sarees or any other things using needle and a thread or a yarn. Embroidery can also be done by metal strips and pearl beads etc.

Screen printing is a process which involves transferring an image with the help of stencil or mesh screen. Ink is forced through the screen which attaches to the image and forms the shape of the design on the shirt. Different designs require different stenciled screens.

Polo shirts are golf shirts or tennis shirts which have a collar, a placket with two or three buttons.

Embroidered shirts, screen printed shirts or polo shirts are mostly used at workplace. Embroidering, screen printing on shirts with logo or the brand name of the company, make it easier to catch attention of people towards the company about which the logo is signifying. It helps in promoting a brand name of the company. It differentiates the employees from all the other people. Companies can do the screen printing and embroidery on polo shirts also. Polo shirts give the formal look to employees.

Screen printing gives a good quality of printing; it is durable and gives the clear image. Screen printing is adaptable in nature, company can print the logo of the company on any other things too like hat, and bag etc. Screen printing is affordable with large number of orders. Screen printing is not time consumable as it takes less time to print the image. Screen printing always gives the accurate print of the image. Screen printing is a great promotional tool to the new companies who have just opened as printing a logo will help them in making people aware about their company.

Embroidery helps in boosting brand name by doing it on the shirts or t-shirts. Companies can also make embroidery of their employees name on the shirts, it would help the people to remember the employee for further contact. As a member of any club or group, it would be easier to identify the group of a company. Embroidery on shirts with the name of a university or a college would help in identifying the student.

Polo shirts in USA also help in identification as if different groups of a same company wears the same color  of the polo shirt then it would be easier to identify that which group  belongs to the which field. Polo shirts give the sense of uniformity to the employees of a company that they are working for the same post and have to achieve the same target. When employees will get the same type of polo shirt then they will get a sense of unity among the work force. Polo shirts will create unique appearance of the work force as the employer has provided the diverse polo shirt design for both employees and general public. Polo shirt with embroidery or screen printing gives a special effect on people and a sign of uniformity. The fabric of a polo shirt is known for soaking sweat so it would be comfortable to wear polo shirt in summers or while playing any kind of an outdoor sport.

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