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Posted by SharonEvans on February 23rd, 2015

Can we survive without air conditioning? Well, we may be able to withstand the heat and the cold, but it is rather tough withstanding the microscopic dirt and dust that prevail in the air that we breathe. Many associate an air conditioner with optimum temperature, but the fact is that these machines also help us breathe pure air. This is the reason we have AC machines installed everywhere – in homes, in offices and in commercial establishments.

The entire human race is indebted to a certain gentleman named Willis Haviland Carrier. Carrier was the person who invented the air conditioner. Of course, the concept and the machines have undergone multiple changes since the time of Carrier, but none of that would’ve happened if he didn’t come up with the idea. Today we are able to lead comfortable lives indoors thanks to air conditioning and we will continue to do so.

The way an air conditioner works is similar to that of a refrigerator, the only difference being that this machine cools an entire room or a house or an office or whichever place it is installed in. there are three main components in it – the compressor, the condenser and the evaporator. Together, these three components collect the heat from the air inside a room and cool it. The cooling process continues till the temperature inside the room is equal to what you indicated. The thermostat then comes into play and it pauses the machine. When the temperature rises again, the machine starts working. This process continues till you don’t switch off the air conditioning machine.

When you think about purchasing an air conditioner, there are a few elements to consider. First of all, you need to decide the type of the air conditioning machine. You can opt for a window unit or a split AC. A window AC is installed in one of the windows of your home and the split AC is installed on one of the walls with the outlet installed outside.

While the AC has a simple mechanism of working, it is quite complicated inside. Open an AC and you will be lost among the myriad component parts inside. This is the reason DIY is not really an option that you should look at, except when you know everything that is there to know about an AC. When you buy an AC, the manufacturer provides support for a pre-decided period of time. After that, you are dependent upon someone who is experienced in repairing these machines and replacing the component parts as and when required. There are several tradesmen who are into this job, but it is best to consider someone who really is experienced in handling ACs.

It is difficult to survive without an air conditioner. This machine has become an integral part of our lives. Don’t panic if your air conditioning machine has some problems because there is always someone to take care of it. Search online and you will have a great experience dealing with a pro.

An air conditioner air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in our lives. Air conditioning not only helps us stay comfortable, but also keeps us safe.

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