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Posted by tayloreloy910 on February 23rd, 2015

A country can only develop to its top extent if it does well enough to maintain the happiness level of its residents at the highest. The countries whose residents are happy and in peace develop much swiftly than the ones whose residents are not.

Canada is the north most country of the North American continent. It is spanned in a large area along the borderline of the USA in the south, Alaska in the west, and Atlantic Ocean in the east and north directions. Canada is well known for its diverse population. People from almost all religions and nationality live here in peace and harmony.

Like every other developed country, Canada too celebrates its cultural events every year. These events are worldwide popular and attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Groomed with lights and heritage, a particular cultural event represents its community along with the enriched heritage. Toronto, being closer to the US and also being climatically more stable than other cities in Canada, enjoys much tourist attention during cultural events. Toronto also has a large amount of diversification in people. So, it is the hosting place of all the cultural events throughout year. So there are a lot of things to do in Toronto.

Here is a list of a few cultural festivals/ or events that are world famous and worth watching for everyone.

1. Glengarry highland games: held in Maxville Ontario, this cultural event witness massive crowd every year. In this festival further small events occur. These small events like Scottish mass band, heavy events in which physical strength of the people is showcased, dancing and, drum and pipe event etc are all held. This event is very popular since it started as early as 1948.

2. Caribana: as the name depicts, Caribana is the largest street festival in North America in which Caribbean people showcase their culture and history by dancing, drumming and portraying. This festival witnessed more than 1 million crowns on the streets.

3. Festival of northern lights: this is again one of the most popular lighting events in the world. Celebrated from November to January every year, the lights twinkling in Toronto attract many tourists from all over the world. Apart from these festivals, there are much more things to do.

The festivals here in Toronto are well famous, but the city is full of joy and culture even when there is no event. So you cannot think that Toronto is a no-go place when there is no festival. Toronto witnesses thousands of tourists even in the normal business days.

There are incredible Toronto escapes exclusively for foreign tourists. So staying and eating is not a problem there as it is reasonably cheaper than the US. Do check out the internet regarding more landscapes of Canada so you don’t miss your chance to explore the paradise this year.

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