Deep Drawing and its importance in modern industries

Posted by ricky26 on February 24th, 2015

Deep drawing is a popular sheet metal forming process which is being extensively used in a broad spectrum of industries including Aircraft, Automotive, and Medical, Electronics, Telecommunication and various other commercial and manufacturing plants all across the world.  Deep Drawing  is a tested and proven manufacturing technique in which flat metal is progressively transformed into a 3D structure through the mechanical action of a die forming the metal around a punch. Deep drawing hardens the metal, which ultimately results in a seamless manufactured product that is robust and durable as compared to the base material.

A wide range of both nonferrous and ferrous materials including stainless steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum, brass and copper, HSLA, Titanium, Tantalum and a number of other metals can be used in this technique making deep drawing a very versatile manufacturing process. The process is used to manufacture various types of precise and complex parts, including both asymmetrical and symmetrical parts, for instance, automotive and car body parts, electronic parts, generic batteries, fire extinguishers, sinks, panels and gas tanks, among others.

This outstanding manufacturing process is extremely advantageous particularly when manufacturing high volumes, given that unit cost decreases significantly with the increasing unit count. Deep drawing is a kind of process that utilizes sheet metals as raw materials instead of metal blocks, which ultimately helps in minimizing costs. What’s more, it is highly precise, less-time consuming, flexible and long lasting with minimum production wastage as compared to similar processes like casting, extrusion and machining.

The deep drawing process comprises a number of steps such as blanking, drawing, piercing and trimming. It is much more than a mere necessity to use the finest deep drawing precision components including Deep Drawn Cases,  Deep Drawn Enclosures  and Metal Stampings to carry out the process with utmost efficiency. If you are into an industry where deep drawing application is used and looking for the highest quality deep drawing components then all you need is to do a comprehensive research and locate the most reliable manufacturer such as National Manufacturing Co., Inc. that can address your needs with absolute perfection.

National Manufacturing Co., Inc. is an ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and AS9100 certified manufacturing company that is specialized in producing Deep Drawn Cases, Enclosures and  Deep Drawn Stampings  for a broad range of industries. They harness the power of state of the art deep draw technologies to manufacture the highest quality precision components. The dedicated team of engineers at National Manufacturing Co., Inc. works closely with the clients during the design phase to determine their specific deep drawing component needs and then provide them with a fully customized, robust and cost-effective design.

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