Digital printing machine can print any material

Posted by diginbronghua on February 23rd, 2021

The digital printing press has given rise to a new force in the digital printing industry, opening up a fashionable and innovative way for enterprises, factories, and individual entrepreneurs on the road of digital printing.

Digital printing machine has very little investment, very low printing cost, optional printing size, high printing quality, small space occupation, few operators and extremely low operating cost, and the choice of printing material type and thickness is large, which has great investment advantages. Coupled with professional digital printing ink, it can achieve saturated and gorgeous colors, wide color gamut, and good transition, far exceeding the traditional printing effect. Compared with the expensive digital fast printing machine abroad, it has less investment material and quick results. The digital printing machine is your first choice in the digital fast printing industry to print directly from the facts.

Digital printing machine, can print any material, including leather, metal, acrylic, PC/PE/PP/PBT/PVC plastic material, glass crystal, plexiglass, KT board, ceramic tile and other materials, the market space is beyond imagination stone, Shells, boards, bamboo crafts, mobile phones, cups, lighters, keys, stationery, notebook computers, CD players, MP3, crystal badges, smart cards, business cards, ID cards. Photographs, plaques, flowers, couple suits, CDs... The printing range covers dozens of tens of thousands of items such as personal supplies, craft gifts, office supplies, stationery signs, home improvement building materials, flowers, cloth, clothing, shoes and hats, which can be used in any industry , The wide range of use has been favored by friends all over the country.

The newly developed large-format digital printing machine is the icing on the cake for mass production. High-efficiency production has made digital printing equipment a unique side in the printing industry, and digital printing machines will soon lead the digital printing industry. Digital printing presses will surely replace traditional printing in the future, creating better results, lower costs, more environmentally friendly materials, and more in line with the development of the world. The universal digital printing press will gradually show its power to the society. Strong combat effectiveness.

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