Customizing Shopify Themes

Posted by Stephen on February 23rd, 2021

Setting up an online store is constantly considered a significant role in eCommerce business development. On many events, it very well may be so complicated if the website administrator has no clue about coding, design, customization, and web organization. However, adjusting online store themes has never been easier with Shopify - one of the most well-known e-commerce platforms, serving a beginner-friendly environment and a user interface that makes things turn out significantly more simple for you to manage your webstore.

In this composing today, we are giving you guidance in detail on How to Customize Shopify Themes. Specifically, we will show you how to adjust a Shopify theme to personalize your web design. Truth be told, Shopify does offer a ton of approaches to design your own store theme. However, they are for the most part limited. Try not to stress, presently let's figure out the arrangement by investigating our table of content below to see what you will experience!

Quality Themes — Where to find?

When you first beginning a Shopify store, the theme will be displayed to you like the default one. That default theme is already customized, well-designed, and of course, ready to be being used. However, to have a productive, healthy website and a huge number of deals, especially target customers, there are countless more things for you to get done than simply uploading, posting your products, and personalizing the organization's data. It won’t work in the best manner to help you stand out among a whole part of component websites as you expect, so you may wonder what the arrangement is. Let us show you!

To make sure of proper function and compatibility, the Theme Store on Shopify does offer a collection that comprises free and premium themes.

Although the implementation of personalization on default Shopify themes is kind of simple, then it is a must to have a more vision-focused theme to match your business’s direction and style if you need increasing unique viewers and showing how professional your website is.

To buy a theme from Shopify theme store right from your dashboard, just go to the Themes section of Online Store in the left-handed menu. Scroll down a little bit to find the Theme Library. Now you are offered with 2 options as below:

Displayed themes on Shopify are filtered and categorized to help you quickly find the most suitable one. There are some options for you to search and get themes filtered by:

  • Your inventory’s size (is it large or small?)
  • Particularly industry-focused themes
  • Visual purposes (modern, vintage, minimal, etc. )
  • Large photography emphasis
  • Types of layouts (grid or column)

Choosing ready-to-use Shopify themes not only makes it much easier for you to have a very first sense of what to be done but also saves a lot of time to spend on many other elements also essential such as content instead of starting from scratch.

If you find that there are no choices in the Shopify Theme Store that would suit the desired look of your online store, you can take a look at many other 3rd party websites that taking care of Shopify themes’ visual is their job.

One of those must be Theme Forest, a 3rd party developer. In such marketplaces, you are allowed to sort out all the themes by their popularity and rating. And of course, it’s very objective and impersonal!

Similar to the way you install a theme in the Shopify Theme Store, you can customize your chosen theme once you acquire and load it into your store by clicking the Buy Now button just as below:

Last but not least, you can contact any developers, experts from the Shopify team to have the best version of your theme. Shopify does offer an increasing network of partners specializing in theme customization. However, kindly remember that it could be by far pricey than customizing a pre-made theme, so we recommend you to consider it seriously.

How to customize Shopify Themes

If you want to find the theme that you have just added from the Shopify Theme Store, it is right in your Theme Library within your Shopify dashboard. Once you find it in, it’s ready to be customized. Yet if you purchase a theme from a 3rd developer or from any other marketplaces, then you will have to upload the theme before customizing or activating it.

To get your theme uploaded, in your dashboard, go to the Themes window and click the Upload Theme button under the Theme Library.


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