How can an Employee Location Tracking Software Benefit your Business?

Posted by sunainaram on February 25th, 2015

With the explosion of smartphone usage, the employee location tracking software apps is the new entrant which can be installed on iPhones, Blackberrys or Androids.  GPS fleet tracking services have been in the market for some years now. These tracking systems are composed usually from a web-based dashboard which is controlled by a manager, with mobile apps installed on employee’s smartphones that communicate with the central console. Employees in an office connect with mobile employees through a web based management application which helps them with greater visibility of activities occurring in the field. 

The GPS employee tracking software has a biggest challenge in the form of “social” meaning employees do not want to be monitored always. These kind of concerns can however be addressed by taking appropriate measures like assuring the employees of stopping the apps after work time, letting them know who can see when and what and explaining all the benefits of the system to them as well as for the company.

Privacy commissioners have, however supported the use of GPS employee tracking software for purposes of efficiency, safety and productivity and rejecting its use for employee management.

Some of the benefits of using these employee location tracking apps are as follows;

  • The administrator can see where the workers are and if they are on schedule which can help in dispatching the closest worker to a certain job.
  • This system also helps businesses as they can give their clients complete and accurate information about their project delivery. Also helps in giving information like when a technician will arrive at their location.
  • It helps the employees in getting turn-by-turn driving directions to find the best way to the nearest restaurant, or to a client or gas station.
  • GPS employee tracking apps also serve as a communication channel helping companies to save a lot on phone bills.
  • The employee location tracking software also helps employees to fill less paper as they can use this app to clock in or clock out for time-card purposes. They can also give their customer forms and other papers to sign digitally. There is a possibility of automatic time tracking depending on the location, which makes easier for the employee to see the time spent at each client location.
  • Using the Geo fencing technique, businesses can set up certain alerts especially when employees are entering or leaving an area.
  • These apps can also incorporate other features like taking photos and sending them to a central location, processing payments with credit cards or scanning barcodes etc.

Some of the businesses that can benefit from these apps include field services, construction, delivery, fleet leasing, food and beverage, utilities, oil, mining companies and many more.  Finally, employee location tracking software apps offer a lot of benefits and they will provide a big productivity boost if deployed properly.

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