Alopecia areata Treatment: Some DIY Tips

Posted by dawson12 on February 25th, 2015

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder affecting one’s skin. The immune system mistakes the hair follicles in the body for intruders and start fighting them off.  As a result, hair grows thinner and it starts falling off. For some, it may even lead to baldness. The bad thing is that it can affect anyone anytime. With no proper understanding of the exact cause of this disease, prevention is generally considered to be practically impossible.

Possible risk factors

Everything is guesswork here. If anyone in your family is suffering from an autoimmune disease, you may be an easy victim for this condition. An unbalanced diet, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle too are regarded as cordial invitations for the disease. It can also be present in your jeans. In such an instance, you are simply helpless. But, doing the following may minimize your chances of being the next victim of this annoying condition.

Alopecia areata treatment: preventing the condition

It is always said, prevention is better than cure. Try the following if you want to stay safe from hair loss and related troubles.

   1.       Do not misuse hair dyes

No one wants to appear old. And a hair dye helps you conceal your age for some time. But, know that misusing the same may cause permanent damage to your hair and scalp. Be careful when selecting a hair dye; avoid the ones containing harmful chemicals.  You should also stick to the instructions you see on the product documentation when applying the same. Do not allow it to stay for too long on your head. Try to avoid them as much as possible. If it is a must, go for the natural options.

   2.       Keep your head neat and clean

Dust and other contaminants from the atmosphere too can cause hair loss and other troubles. Take care to keep your head fresh and clean all the time. Washing it using a mild shampoo once a week will do fine. Try to avoid products containing harsh chemicals. The best way is to go for organic shampoos. Read the label carefully before buying anything

A few natural remedies

Trying the following too may help you stay safe from these troubles.

   1.       Coconut oil

Coconut is known for its richness of nutrients. Warm some oil and massage your scalp using it. Do it until your skin starts tinkling. The generally recommended time is fifteen minutes. This will increase the blood circulation in your scalp. Hair will grow fast and thick. Almond oil is another option you can experiment here.

   2.       Onion juice

Onion too is known for its inherent healing properties. It nourishes your hair and helps it grow fast. Take two onions and grate. Squeeze out the extract to the maximum. Apply it on the affected area and keep it for half an hour. Wash your head using warm water. Do it for a few days and you will see the results.

The effectiveness of Alopecia areata treatment is relative. But, going for natural remedies will help you protect yourself from this danger.

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