Stretch Marks ? Reasons and Treatment Options

Posted by dunitzsantrino on February 25th, 2015

Stretch marks are the lines, crop up mainly in the regions like upper arms, stomach, upper thighs, breasts and buttocks due to sudden change in weight of a human being. The color of these marks may be gray, purple or pink and may have ridges like feeling when one touches these marks. These lines do not cause harm to the individual and can be eradicated with smart stretch mark treatment procedures. Mostly women, people with Caucasian skin type, obese people, pregnant ladies and women having the background of delivering huge babies develop these ugly marks on the body. This can occur due to corticosteroid intake or hereditary chances.

Stretch mark treatment has been found to be effective and beneficial in a long run. Visiting a dermatologist will show you how to get rid of these embarrassing marks from your body. The actual underlying cause of the outbreak of stretch marks is sudden increase in the levels of cortisone in your system. This hormone is secreted by the adrenaline glands of the body and makes the body lose its elasticity to a large extent. This ultimately makes some portion look different from the other parts and make you feel bad in public.

Stretch marks removal becomes essential for the pregnant ladies gaining maximum weight during the seventh and eighth month of pregnancy. The body accommodates the growing baby inside and tugging and pushing inside cause the occurrence of these marks. Teenagers showing a sudden increase in the weight or loss of weight during puberty also develop these marks in the places like upper arms and buttocks. Some people are given corticosteroid creams, pills or lotions for some medications. These patients have the tendency of losing the natural elasticity of the skin. Such a break up the ridge like marks will occur in certain areas of the skin. People having diseases like Cushing’s syndrome, Marfan syndrome, Ehlers- Danlos may also develop these marks in the mentioned areas.

Stretch marks removal can be done by various methods. The doctor will take down the medical history of the individual and identify whether you have a serious illness. Blood, urine, imaging or stool test may be done to identify the cause of the marks. Tretinoin cream can be wonderfully utilized in the areas where such marks appear. This will help the region gain back elasticity by formation of collagen. Pulsed light ray can also be used in removing these marks. Fractional Photothermolysis is another suitable method for getting rid of such ugly marks. Excimer laser and Microdermabrasion are other methods that can make these marks vanish from the skin in some days. Multiple sessions are required for complete removal of the marks from the body.

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