Recovering from a Fire: How Fire Damage Restoration Companies Can Help

Posted by Melanie Randall on February 23rd, 2021

Structural fires are devastating. Whether it is a home or a business, recovering from a fire is exhausting, both mentally and physically. Hiring a reliable fire damage restoration company can relieve some of the stress. Fire damage restoration companies can restore the structure back to a functioning building.

Assessing and Restoring

When a fire damage restoration company is called in to assess and quote a burned structure, they generally follow these four steps:

1)    Assess the damage

Some structures suffer mostly smoke damage while others have burned areas that need to be repaired. Flames, heat, smoke, and soot all can cause damage to large parts of a structure. Water damage from fire hoses is also a large part of fire damage restoration.

Fire damage restoration companies will thoroughly assess the entire structure to find the extent of the damage. This step is not only important for getting the repairs done properly, but also for reporting purposes. Insurance companies will need all of the damage to be properly assessed and documented.

2)    Secure the Structure

In some cases, windows, doors, and roofs that were damaged by the fire will need to be temporarily covered until they can be repaired. Fire damage restoration companies will secure the structure to protect it from the elements, wildlife, and people. This also ensures worker safety during cleanup and restoration.

3)    Cleanup

Fire damage restoration companies thoroughly clean all of the damaged areas of a structure before restoring it. Fire leaves behind dangerous materials and toxic soot. These professionals are well-equipped to safely dispose of the rubble and debris. They also thoroughly clean the entire area. If left, soot can eat away at the surfaces and cause further damage.

Cleanup also includes cleaning the air in the structure. Smoke particles in the HVAC system means that every room of a structure probably has smoke odor. Fire damage restoration companies can deodorize the areas and make sure the HVAC system is clean. Inhaling smoke particles can be a health hazard, so prompt cleaning of the air is important.

In some instances, water damage will have caused mold issues. Fire damage restoration companies are able to safely remove mold and make sure any water is thoroughly dried. Broken water pipes may also need to be repaired.

4)    Restoration

Full-service fire damage restoration companies offer complete restoration services. They work with their clients to do both minor and major restorations. Smoke damage may require carpets to be replaced. Water and flame damage may require entire walls, floors, and ceilings to be replaced. Restoration may also include painting. Full-service fire damage restoration companies are able to restore the space back to its previous condition.

Choosing a Restoration Company

Choosing the best fire damage restoration company is important. They should be experienced in both minor and major cleanups and restorations, and they need to be able to act quickly. The longer the property waits for cleanup, the more extensive the damage will become. Fire damage restoration companies that have experience dealing with insurance companies make the process much smoother. Professional, full-service fire damage restoration companies can help relieve a lot of the stress that fire damage brings to any family or business.

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