Tool kits for Computer Repair: Essentials for a Technician

Posted by dawson12 on February 25th, 2015

As a computer technician, you are entrusted with the task of diagnosing PC diseases and offering or suggesting appropriate treatments. If you want to do a good job here, you should have all the tools required for the task. The following are some of the things you must have at your disposal to do well as a computer repair expert.

Tool kits for computer repair: 6 essentials for a technician

Acquire the following tools if you are a PC doctor.

   1.       Screwdriver

Whatever is your position; whether you are a casual user or a service person, having a screwdriver is a must. In fact, this is the most important piece you should have in your computer repair tool kit. It helps you open the PC if required.

   2.       Air blower

The tool removes the dust in the insides without causing damage to the interior. Know that even small particles can create trouble. The PC may not boot if dust gets inside the RAM. This happens because dust prevents RAM from coming into contact with the unit. It may even burn out the RAM.

   3.       Ace Utilities

The tool removes the junk from inside a computer. Clean the registry using the two options offered; normal and the expert. The duplicate file finder assists in your efforts to create more space in a PC’s hard drive and save space.

   4.       BlueScreenView

Microsoft was often criticized for not offering sufficient information on the blue screen appearing on PC at times. This tool offers you all the information you want to solve this trouble. It shows the “stop” code” and the probable cause of the trouble. The software has become a substitute for a series of debunking tools for computer repair experts all over the world.

   5.       Mirror

A mirror comes handy when you have to inspect the interior of a PC. The dark surface may make it a bit difficult. Attach a magnet to the mirror and connect it with a case. Take care to ensure that it is not attached to any of the components inside the PC.

   6.       Password cracker

People create effective passwords for their computer and forget it after some time. This tool helps you to read the information being stored in password-protected files. Delete these files, reboot the system and reset the password. This will work wonders even for an average PC user. Installing the same does not require you to be a tech-savvy.

   7.       Performance software

The Internet offers you numerous options in tools designed to check the performance speed and other things in your PC. The items like virus removal software, disc defragmenter applications and spam removal software fall in this group.

   8.       Grounding strap

Static charge is something you should be aware of when working on a PC. It can hurt you or cause trouble when repairing the unit. The straps make sure that you are grounded with the computer preventing a build-up of charge in your body.

These are just a few of the tools generally seen in tool kits for computer repair. Evaluate the task at hand and opt for the items you need.

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