Significant Meanings Behind 4 Common Masonic Symbols

Posted by harryjoy on February 23rd, 2021

Ever since its establishment, Freemasonry is famous for using various symbols and rituals. Although there are misconceptions and misunderstandings about its secret rituals, the world’s largest organization shows masonic symbols in the open. If you give attention to these symbols, you will find their distinctive features while remaining hidden in plain sight. We share four common symbols and their meanings in the following section.

All Seeing Eye

Commonly known as the all-seeing eye, the Eye of Providence is the most common symbol you see everywhere when you look around. The eye lies within a triangle and an aura of light surrounds it, which symbolizes that the eye of God is watching over humanity for years. You are aware of its feature on the American dollar bill, but there are many other places you can see the eye. Entertainment materials such as film, music, commercial ads, and sports events around the world show the all-seeing eye on several occasions.

Square and compass

This symbol has three elements, including the English alphabet letter G, and two geometrical tools, the square, and the compass. As the name suggested, Freemasons use instruments that are essential for constructing buildings. The G in the symbol means Gnosis, meaning the knowledge of spiritual mysteries. This square and the compass are essential components for architects and builders. The symbol usually comes with stainless steel masonic rings for sale offered by Masonry stores. They also wear leather aprons to protect their clothes from dirt while executing their tasks.

Ark and anchor

Referring to the primitive Christians and their belief, Freemasons use the Biblical Noah’s Ark to represent hope and peace after the storm. The anchor is a device that prevents a vessel from moving. In masonic culture, this symbol represents the grounding of a ship while attributing to Saint Clement, the first Apostolic Father of the Church. Since Freemason allows its members to follow any religion, it is obvious that the fraternity borrows some teachings from different religions.

Acacia tree

A powerful symbol of Freemasonry is a twig of an acacia tree. This tiny tree or shrub is famous for its sturdiness and durability, which makes it a choice of builders for making beams in constructing buildings. Most importantly, acacia is notorious for being an immortal being. The acacia sprig of acacia in the masonic symbol indicates the immortality of the soul and evergreen nature.

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