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Posted by ricky26 on February 26th, 2015

Music is subjected to the perspective, one song, based on a feeling can either bring a melancholy for one or bring bliss for the other. It all depends on how the song has been portrayed. Some of the greatest songs in history have come out of the deepest trenches of an artist’s soul. Writing great songs are difficult, yes, but not impossible, all you need to do is to explore yourself and meet with the true artist hidden within you. Every great artist, one or the other time has needed a mentor in their life, to guide them, to teach them when they are lost.

If you are someone who is interested in songwriting and have a dream of writing chart-buster songs, then it is time that you find a good mentor, who can teach you the essential tricks to write songs which synchronize with people. For any song, lyrics are undeniably one of the most important aspects; a songwriting teacher can easily guide you through the process of  Writing Hit Songs.  As in Zen they say “Learn it all and then forget it all. Learn the way and then find your own way.” That is what songwriting teacher does; they teach you their way and then make you explore our own unique ways.

There are very few people in Los Angeles the Hollywood city, who can help you enhance your songwriting skills by providing you songwriting skills. While scrolling the internet, you may find some good mentors who can guide you perfectly and help you to crack your way in the music industry. Loren Israel is one such mentor who can help you in every possible way to learn singing-songwriting skills and become famous all over the world. He is a well known record producer and A&R consultant as well as an excellent songwriter teacher. He with his profound experience can teach you the way hit songs are written and performed. He can assist you find a reliable vocal coach who can provide  Vocal Lessons Los Angeles  to polish your vocal skills. Loren has been in the music industry for more than 15 years now and has worked with numerous musicians, artists and bands. Besides helping you to learn writing and singing, he can also help you to   Record Labels Los Angeles.  He can help you find the best recording studio in Los Angeles and assist you to record your own album. In short, he can do it all for you and help you make a successful career in the industry.

About Loren Israel

Loren Israel is a highly experienced and well known A&R consultant, record producer and songwriting and vocal teacher. He can teach you songwriting and help you get the best  Vocal Lessons Los Angeles  from the most trusted vocal coach. For more details you can visit his official website at  http://lorenisrael.com/

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