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Posted by Aaeesha on February 26th, 2015

In earlier days maintaining books of accounts was a nightmare with huge piles of documents and files. It also involved slogging around for the entire day to make reconciliation of the financial transactions. Whereas in today’s busy and productive lifestyle, maintaining accounts of either small business or individual account, is just like a piece of cake. The advancement in computer and software technology has turned this nightmare into a beautiful dream with easy accounting at the click of the mouse. This has been made possible with Xero accounting software that is actually meant for small businesses to get their business figures on rising graphs much faster. Hence the job of tax accountants has become easier with all the documents assorted in place.

Xero is an accounting software that is based on latest cloud technology. Its products can be subscribed according to the business requirements since it is mounted on a SaaS (Software as as Service) platform. With this software Xero consultants can assist you to get your accounting tasks completed through the internet. At first, these consultants look at the requirement of accounting software and then customize it according to someone business needs. After implementation, the software is integrated with applications that feed the needed data. But implementation of the software without its knowledge is money just wasted. So it is very important to get a thorough know, how about the software so that its implications are conceptually experienced.

Thus, the Xero consultants go a step ahead to educate the workforce or accounting department in order to extract the best out of it. With Xero software, reconciling the credit card statement can be a very simple task. With this one can automatically calculate depreciation of fixed assets, make purchase orders, generate invoices, maintain accounts payables as well as generate reports for management. Now, when maintaining books of account is so simple. We can also expect tax calculation to be the easy tax with all the records handy.

Though tax calculation seems to be easy, the Computation of tax is done on the basis of prescribed law of taxation which is different from GAAP. Hence an individual taxpayer or the company taxation work has to be accessed and monitored by a professional tax accountant. In order to minimize the business cost, they can join hands and help in minimizing the tax liability. With in-depth knowledge of taxation and consistence in services offered, the tax accountants can advise on various aspects to bring down the tax liability. Their services can also include filing of income tax return pertaining to both state and federal tax as well as maintain the preparation of the tax system. Their service is beneficial as they offer assistance in financial analysis and planning as they are always updated with regular advancements in taxations.

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