How Virus Disinfection Companies Can Help

Posted by Melanie Randall on February 23rd, 2021

There is an old saying that goes, “cleanliness is close to godliness.” In today’s world, there is something to this. There have been lockdowns and many businesses closed due to COVID-19. More importantly, a lot of people have died. As businesses begin to open again, disinfecting and cleaning are major parts of the re-opening process. A virus disinfection company can help with ensuring the reopening of a businesses is done correctly, safely, and to code.


Covid 19 is a new virus, and the world is learning about it as the pandemic continues. It has shown that it is deadly and contagious, and that cleaning and disinfecting are an important factor in battling the virus. Businesses may want to hire a virus disinfection company; however, when hiring a company to disinfect a business or home, you need to ensure that the company has experience in dealing with infectious diseases and virus cleanup, not just household and office cleaning. By ensuring that a company has experience in dealing with viruses and infections, you ensure the safety of your employees and their families.


Not only does the virus disinfection company need experience in dealing with cleaning infections and viruses, but they also need to have the correct level of certifications. Do the technicians have certification that is recognized in your state or municipality? Are they certified with the World Health Organization (WHO)? WHO has released a list of acceptable certifications in dealing with different viruses. When looking for a virus disinfection company, ensure that they provide the certification and records of training of all technicians who will be attending the site.

What chemicals are used

When hiring a virus disinfection company, it is important to know what chemicals are being used in order to ensure a proper cleaning. When disinfecting a business or home, there may be places where employees are expected to work; therefore, the chemicals need to be safe for human contact and yet strong enough to kill the virus. Other places may require a stronger chemical disinfection where there is no human contact until it is deemed safe. There may be chemicals that interfere with electronics and cannot be used in certain work environments.  A virus disinfecting company should have a variety of options to ensure that each area is disinfected appropriately.


Disposing of infected cleaning material as well as any office equipment that cannot be properly disinfected is crucial. This material cannot just be disposed of through a local waste management company. There are procedures to ensure that the disposal of possible infected materials is handled properly without putting anyone else at risk. A virus disinfection company should be able to share their procedures on handling and disposing of infected material.

Follow up services

Killing a virus in a pandemic is not a one-time thing. Workplaces should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. A virus disinfection company should have a follow-up service as part of the disinfection service provided. The follow-up services should indicate when they will follow up, and what cleaning procedure they will be using during the follow-up phase. Does the cleaning company have follow-up testing as part of their protocol? Are they able to test to ensure that the virus has been cleaned and that the disinfection was successful?

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