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Posted by Stephen on February 23rd, 2021

Adding Social Media is a very important technique for advancing your advertising content. It is normally used to make leads, boosting their deals and spreading brand mindfulness carefully.

In actuality, it is demonstrated that Social Media button has effectively expanded deals through a solid online presence on destinations, for example, Facebook and Twitter as they give a financially savvy approach to cooperate straightforwardly with planned buyers. Thus, numerous organizations have used the force of Social media to making leads, boosting their deals and spreading brand mindfulness carefully.

That is the reason you need to add Social Media to your Shopify store. How about we sort out the best approach to complete the work!


On the off chance that you are a rookie to Shopify, you may require to uphold here from some applications to embed Social Media to your Shopify record to finish all the work for you. Essentially comprehend that you simply need to download a viable application and afterward associate Social Media to your Shopify through that application. The interaction regularly takes not such a long time.

Regularly, you can go to the Social Media part of the App Store as it gives subjects from the Theme Store that as of now accompanies the component to add Social Media button. You can check the subject editorial manager and checking the Header, Sidebar, Homepage, and additionally Footer menus to check whether your topic as of now has a Social Media button or not after complete the process of adding.

There is an assortment of 13 Shopify Social Adding applications here that are suggested by AVADA from AVADA Commerce Ranking. You will actually want to think about the cost too, from free, paid Social Media applications or options in contrast to Social Media moreover.

Likewise, there is one explicit application that I prescribe to all clients that are It is a significant instrument for each Shopify eCommerce store proprietor to make your own social media symbols and connect them to the entirety of your social profiles.


Step 1: Open your Themes

From your Shopify admin, navigate to your Online Store and then go to Themes.

Step 2: Edit code

If you have already found the theme that you want to edit, just then click on to the Actions button, and then click Edit code.

Step 3: Upload Social Media icon image

From here, you only need to upload the Social Media icon image to your theme to get your button on your site. Of course, you will have to go into the Assets folder to open it.

Scroll down and you will see the Add a new asset link option and click on it.

Step 5: Upload icon

Select the icon from your file on your computer and upload it to your website by clicking Upload

Step 6: Open theme.liquid file

Move to this step if you have already had the physical button icon uploaded.

After that, click on the theme.liquid file and then open it in the online code editor.

Step 7: Add the code

From this step, we are going to add the code directly to make the button work. Addtoany and Addthis will differ from here. Because the line you paste in the code will be decided by the location that you want the buttons to appear on your theme. It’s your privilege to look through the code to find your perfect location. And then follow two methods below to complete your task.

Adding Social Media using Addtoany

For Addtoany, the process will be easier as you don’t need to have any account to add. Just patse the line below to your theme.liquid section:


<!-- AddToAny END →

What you got here will look like these icons in the left corner of your website:

Adding Social Media using

You will need a account to do this. Don’t worry because it won’t take you long to register a account

After filling out all the information below and get a verified account. Just paste the line of code below to your theme.liquid section:


Step 8: Save your work

Finally, you are done! Click Save and check the result by going to the Preview section of your theme.


It is evident about the capacity to build deals because a solid online presence on destinations, for example, Facebook and Twitter give a practical method to collaborate straightforwardly with forthcoming buyers.

I truly imagine that the definite guidance above worked in assisting you with adding Social Media to your Shopify store. Additionally, I wager that your business is no place can fabricate your own image, improve SEO and increment traffic for your store too.

On the off chance that there are any inconveniences happen while rehearsing, get in touch with us immediately utilizing remarks underneath. Be certain that you will get the answers in minutes!

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