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Posted by jennycooper on February 26th, 2015

Enhancing your derrière comes not only with more glances from the opposite gender, but also with an increased self-esteem. For this, consider Bioplasty, a safe procedure that involves buttocks injections containing PMMA, a biocompatible filler used to treat various butt areas.

If you want to look good, without spending too much money or experiencing pain, you need to take buttock augmentation into account. Over time, many ways of enhancing one's behind have been tried. Some proved to be effective, others did not.

But one of these effective methods has shown some remarkable characteristics. First of all, it involves using PMMA shots, which are injections containing polymethyl methacrylate, a biocompatible and biodegradable substance used to encourage tissue growth.

Secondly, this method is not painful at all. The only thing that patients actually feel is the needle penetrating their skin, but this is what everybody feels when an injection is performed. To be effective, the filler has to be injected in some clearly specified butt locations.

Thirdly, people who want to look good and consider Bioplasty for this do not have to spend a lot of money to experience the benefits of this procedure. And to enjoy these benefits to the maximum, the procedure needs to take place in Colombia, the place where the best cosmetic surgeons work.

One might find it difficult to travel to Colombia from hundreds or thousands of miles away, but nothing should stand in their way, once they decide to improve their looks and self-confidence. It may cost you several hundreds of dollars to travel to another country to have some buttocks injections performed, but the procedure has a lifespan of about 7 years, time in which you would enjoy all of its benefits.

Moreover, the procedure would be performed by experienced and reliable cosmetic surgeons that have performed it many times before and who know their job very well. This is important to note, especially nowadays when many people pronounce themselves "cosmetic surgeons" and have nothing to do with the medical world or Bioplasty.

Bioplasty does not involve any kind of risk, if properly performed by an experienced and certified cosmetic surgeon. However, it does involve a lot of risks, if it is performed on a patient that is not suitable for this procedure, by a person who does not know how to inject polymethyl methacrylate correctly, or if this substance does not comply with all safety standards, is expired, or not viscous enough.

To avoid any potential risks, have the procedure performed by a seasoned and reliable cosmetic surgeon. Also, take into account that the substance would be injected into your behind, after a careful examination made by your doctor, and only in those locations that need an enhancement. The purpose of Bioplasty is to beautifully improve your behind, not to make it massive.

Resource box: Do you want to have a harmonious body? You can have it if you consider Bioplasty as the best option to enhance your body, and also your life. This is a safe procedure of injecting polymethyl methacrylate into the areas of your body that require an improvement. The most common area where this substance is injected is the buttock. For professional buttocks injections performed by the best cosmetic surgeons in Colombia, please contact us today. 

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