How to Care for your Portable Electronic Devices

Posted by mobileremedies on February 26th, 2015

Today more and more people value good health. We get regular exercise to stay fit, try to eat a balanced diet and get extra sleep.  We don’t often consider that those portable electronic devices that we have come to depend on in our modern societies also need some special attention to keep them functioning smoothly. Some of these devices are laptop computers, iPhones and other smartphones, iPads and iPods as well as other tablet PC’s and MP3 players.

These devices add value to our daily lives but we often take them for granted until we are suddenly unable to make that important phone call, read a critical e-mail, retrieve a series of important photos or listen to the music that relaxes us. There are some basic things that we can do to keep our portable electronic devices “healthy” in the same way that we do for our bodies.

  1. Invest in a protective case!  

One of the most important things you can do to protect your investment is to spend some extra money on a high quality protective case that is also water resistant or even waterproof if you often use your device in the vicinity of liquids! 

  1. Set up an automatic backup for your data

If you have to remember to manually backup your data, you will only do it sporadically and you will lose data when your device malfunctions. Many devices can be set to backup to the “cloud” every time they are charging and have an Internet connection.  Once you set this up you never have to worry about it again.

  1. Charge your device wisely and save your battery!

Most of today’s smartphones, iPads and laptops have lithium-ion batteries and no longer have the “memory” effects of the old nickel-cadmium batteries. So, alternately emptying and charging them completely is no longer the best option. In fact, leaving your lithium-ion battery completely empty for any length of time can damage it or shorten its life. Allow it to go empty only briefly once a month or so to “calibrate” its charge indicator. Top off the charge on your lithium-ion batteries frequently to keep them healthy.

  1. Keep your software up to date

Software incompatibilities and conflicts are frequent occurrences but fortunately in today’s world these are often automatically reported back to manufacturers and developers who rapidly generate an update that fixes any “bugs” that have surfaced since the last version. Just keeping your operating system and your applications up to date will usually resolve these conflicts and minimize your down time.

  1. Manage your memory

We have a tendency to leave applications open and running in the background and some of these automatically communicate with their “home bases” using up our bandwidth and sometimes storing data on our devices. We also save memory-hogging data such as videos, photos and music without regard for the fact that we have a limited amount of internal storage space. These all add up and can cause slowdowns and even crashes. Close applications when you are not using them and take the time once a week or once a month to either trash or remotely store the data that you have no immediate use for.

These are just a few of the things we can do to keep our portable electronic devices “healthy” but they are not the only things and the best way to accomplish them may not always be obvious. Sometimes we need help setting up a reliable backup system for our device or we may want to find out which protective cases work best in “real-life” situations before spending money on them.

Most of us are unaware that we can get expert, professional advice completely free of charge with just a phone call. If you go online and search for cellphone/electronic repair Hawaii you will find several reputable repair centers where you can call and talk to a technician. They deal with these issues every single day and they know what works and what doesn’t. The best repair centers know that if they help you out with good advice that you will bring your device to them for any problems you can’t handle and their business will grow. So, check it out and make some calls. You have nothing to lose and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Whether you search for computer repair Hawaii, cell phone repair Hawaii or iPad repair Hawaii you will find MobileREMEDIES® Cellphone/Electronic Repair at the center of it all in the state of Hawaii.With stores on Maui and Oahu and with mail-in service extending all over the world, they can help you understand and deal with any problem you may have with your portable electronics. Their stores are not Kiosks but sophisticated service centers with highly trained technicians and very specialized equipment. 

MobileREMEDIES® always gives you a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. In addition to cellphones, they also repair iPads and all other tablet PC’s as well as iPods, game systems (Xbox, PlayStations, Wii, etc.) laptops and desktop computers. They also provide web services for individuals and small businesses, buy broken devices for cash or in-store credit and sell refurbished devices with a 1-year warranty, similar to a manufacturer’s warranty on a new device. If they can’t fix your device, you pay nothing for the attempt. Go to or call 1-800-867-5048.

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