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Vibrators Adults Toys ? For More Satisfying Sex

Posted by johnpreston on February 26th, 2015

The secret to a satisfying sex life is variety, and if yours is lacking in spice and getting monotonous, it’s time to add some fire by experimenting with vibrators and adult toys. If you’ve never tried them before you’re probably going to feel a bit shy or awkward about it, but experimenting is part of the fun, and you won’t be sorry you did.

Better Sex

Sex toys come in different types and forms, but what they all come down to, is it takes your relationship to a higher, more exciting level. Studies show that more and more couples visit Lovers Adult Shops Australia to buy sex toys simply because it leads to better and more enjoyable sex. Yes, maybe your sex life is okay, but everyone deserves and should get better sex, and these toys will definitely help.

Vibrators, lubricants and other toys are particularly great for women because it increases their chances of reaching an orgasm or having multiple orgasms. It’s no secret that some women fake orgasms, but you might be surprised at the number. Based on recent surveys, up to 50% of women have faked an orgasm, and even greater number fail to reach orgasm during penetrative sex.

That’s where sex toys come in because they provide clitoral stimulation, which is necessary for an orgasm. With a vibrator in hand, a woman can bring herself to a climax as quickly or slowly as she’d like to proceed.

For Men Too

Pure Romance sex toys are not just for women, however because even men will enjoy them. For one thing, there’s a lot of erotic pleasure to be derived in watching your partner play with these toys and enjoying herself, and rather than make men feel inadequate, these sex toys relieves the pressure and enhances their relationship in the bedroom.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in getting a sex toy but think your partner will feel uncomfortable about it, take your time. Instead of just popping out the sex toy and using it immediately, talk to your partner about it first and explain the benefits. Explain how it works, the perks and, above all, all the nice little things the two of you can do with it. And before you buy one, bring your partner along or perhaps you can just browse the web together.
Vibrators and other sexual playthings do more than just bring sizzle to sex, as it also helps women overcome any inhibitions they have about being naked. Not being comfortable with your body is one of the major causes of intimacy problems, but using a vibrator while engaged in mutual masturbation relieves this anxiety. In other words, sex toys create a more comfortable environment where your imagination can run wild.

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