Shared Short Term Office Space and Its Benefits for Small Businesses

Posted by ServicedOfficesAsia on February 27th, 2015

You can rent a serviced office for your businesses from where you can easily operate along with your staff, hold business meetings or conferences and paying only for the services and amenities used by you. Getting a short term office space can save you money and offer a lot of convenience.

These days, there is another option for entrepreneurs who are looking for a space to run their business. Traditionally, office rentals have involved a business leasing an office space on a short or long term lease. Under this, the office space belongs to the business for the entire duration of the lease. But now, renting short term office space involves sharing the office space with other businesses.

Shared Short Term Office Space

In this type of agreement, businesses of different sizes rent space on a yearly basis, or on a month to month basis depending on their requirement and convenience. There are a number of other amenities on offer as well which include conference rooms, cafeterias, receptions, support staff for managing back room functions, etc. In short term office space of this type, you have to pay only for the facilities you use, and not for those which are not used.

For example, if your business requires the use of the copy machine, then you will be charged for it, otherwise not. If you need a projector and large display, you can ask for it to be included in your service package.

short term office space

Great Option for Small Businesses

Short term serviced offices on rent are becoming more and more popular as businesses are finding it difficult to find comfortable and affordable office space in high value locations. It is not possible for a lot of businesses to be able to afford costly office spaces, not even on leases, which is why shared serviced offices on rent are their best available option. This is also a great option also when you need a temporary or short term office space to hold a conference, or to conduct a business deal that can last for a few days. Using a temporary serviced office will make a greater impact on your clients or partners rather than holding a meeting in a hotel room.

When Renting Short Term Office Space

When looking for a short term office space, there are a few things that you should probably check out. The location of the office might be important to you, but the prices might be on the higher side for offices that are located in some of the most sought-after areas. It is also wise to make a booking with the service that will provide you serviced office on rent weeks in advance or your favorite office space might get booked by someone else. Also, discuss the terms of rent with clarity with the provider so that there are not disputes in the end.

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