Facts You Must Know About Cyber Crime in the UAE

Posted by Professionallawyer on February 23rd, 2021

Cyber crime is a significant threat to both individuals and organisations all over the world. No one is safe—not even so-called high-tech companiesin the most technologically advanced countries. In fact, despite being the most digitally advanced country in the Arab world, the United Arab Emirates isn't spared from such threats, either.

According to the Dubai Police, anyone can be a victim of cybercrime regardless of age and background. The most common cyber crime in the UAE isfraud and almost always involves money and blackmail. Luckily, there haven't been too many instances of Internet sex crimes involving children, thanks to the efficient action by law enforcers.

How can you protect yourself from cyber crime in the UAE? As an individual, you have to actively ensure that you are protecting your data withsecurity software and don’t fall victim to suspicious apps and websites. It's also best to use effective passwords, particularlywhen there are kids at home who share computers and other online devices with you. Businessesare advised to hire reliable cybersecurity team that can encrypt and back up sensitive data, especially data containing the private information of its employees and clients.

But what if cyber criminals are still able to bypass all these cybersecurity measures? Don't panic just yet. Cyber crime in the UAE is heavily punishable by law. The new UAE cyber crime law is more comprehensive than ever, citing different violations and creating categories for the most commonly experienced offences.

For example, someone gaining illegal access to an electronic site can face imprisonment for at least six months. They can also be slapped withhefty fines for changing, copying, deleting, or publishing unauthorised data.

Forgery and gaining access to bank accounts are also serious crimes and offenders can face more than six months of prison. Other provisions included are gambling activities, defamation, human trafficking, and terrorist acts.

If you find yourself being a victim of cyber crime in the UAE, where do you go? Criminal lawyers are the best people to handle such cases. They have experience dealing with all types of crimes, so they can give you legal advice and help achieve the best possible outcome.

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