Ghar e Hira in the life of Holy Prophet

Posted by Abdul Maaz on February 23rd, 2021

Holy Prophet was a simple human but was the beloved Prophet of Allah. Allah has made all the Prophets innocent. They have the positive thinking to spread the message of Allah and to guide the human beings. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the cause of creation of this beautiful universe. He came in this world after all the Prophets of Allah. He didn’t commit any sin in his whole life. From his childhood he used to remember Allah. When he grew to his mature age, he used to sit in the separate place named as Ghar e Hira to perform the Zikr of Allah. Umrah Experts remind Muslims of this place by offering Cheap Umrah Packages 2022.

Ghar e Hira is the place where Prophet of Allah used to remember Him. He used to spend whole day in the remembrance of Allah in this cave. There was no one with him and really if you want to take the real taste of Zikr of Allah you should sit in the separate place. Loneliness is the best state of remembering Allah. Holy Prophet used to perform the worship of Allah in loneliness. When age of Holy Prophet became 40 years, Allah decided to send him first revelation. At the time of first revelation Holy Prophet was in the cave of Hira and was remembering Allah. Hazrat Gibrael came and revealed the first revelation of Islam upon him.

In the first revelation he was asked to read. It enlightens the importance of study. As cave of Hira is the worship place of Holy Prophet, it is famous among all the Muslims. All the Muslims wish to visit this cave and refresh the memories of Holy Prophet. It gives the Muslims a chance to see the proof of worship of Holy Prophet. When Muslims visit this place, it raises special kind of spiritual love in the hearts of Muslims for Holy Prophet.

Hajj has its own reward but the benefit of visiting this place is that the faith of Muslims becomes fresh. They see the cave of Hira as live proof of worship of Holy Prophet. A special kind of feeling comes in the hearts of Muslims which provides calm to Muslims. It would be really an amazing site to visit. Visit of this site takes us fourteen hundred years back in the era of Holy Prophet. In this way it makes our faith strong by reminding us the life of Holy Prophet.

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