The future of visualisation in real estate

Posted by Digital_Zone on February 23rd, 2021

In recent years, we’ve seen almost everything on earth revolutionised by technology – and construction and architecture are both of no exception to this rule.

Thanks to the development of 3D mapping technologies and softwares, the process of designing and building a property has never been so easy. Revvis is one of the most powerful 3D visualisation software packages going and comes at an affordable rate for any project.

What is 3D visualisation software?
3D mapping for homes gives you the opportunity to turn your architectural plans into virtual reality. Designers translate plans into a virtual representation, with the ability to act as a character and explore the entire building. Everything is also made to scale with precise measurements.

Revvis themselves take care of everything for you in terms of converting the drawings into virtual visualisations. From there, you are given an easy login code and link to view the end product online to then make any alterations before sending it off to be built.

You also have the ability to share the visualisations with others, such as clients, investors, or anyone else with a key relationship to your project.

Who are Revvis?
Revvis are developers of such software, and their package is one of the leading within the market.

With just some simple details and a full set of plans, the team at Revvis are able to turn your idea into a fully scalable online design that gives you a clear vision as to how things will turn out.

The company operate across the globe in a number of different countries and territories, giving them a wide breadth of experience working in different projects.

Why is Revvis the future in 3d visualisation software?
Some of Revvis’ functions are ground breaking, and these are being increased with every update.

Key features include, but are not limited to:

- Ability for tradesmen to use the software to aid in maintenance.
- Customise and configure the character used within the walk-through to your own preferences.
- Experiment with different floors and decorations in and around the building.
- Test light at different times throughout the day, helping avoid pesky shadow spots that would otherwise show.
- A precise measuring tool that can help you determine the difference between two spots.

There’s a good reason why Revvis has been chosen by so many high-end projects since its inception: its features are vastly superior to its competitors and help create an excellent end product.

Why is 3D mapping for homes important?
By visualising virtually their plans, architects and designers can save hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds in travel fees and alike.

Revvis gives you a simple login username and password that can then be shared with clients, allowing them to see for themselves what has been created. They can then ‘walk’ around the project, see each individual detail to scale, and give detailed feedback on the plans and where they can be improved, if necessary.

It also helps companies avoid making simple, costly mistakes, such as measurements being wrong – you don’t want to accidentally make your door frames too small for slightly taller customers!

Equally as importantly, given the current climate and the unknown as to whether things might go fully back to normal, software such as Revvis gives architects and designers the opportunity to showcase their plans without ever having to meet with clients face-to-face, aiding in social distancing.

Where can I see examples of Revvis used?
To see examples of Revvis being used, and why it is the future of 3d visualisation software, choose from a number of previous projects on their website that include full walk-throughs and features.

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