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Posted by matthewdavis9179 on March 2nd, 2015

It is a saying that everything we see, it is all made of stardust, that our every single cell is full of light, and now the quantum physics is confirming this very theory which once was called a fantasy. Have you ever wondered why kids ask so many questions? It is because they see everything in this world with wonderment, everything for them is totally new like the first drop of water in the rain, or a misty morning with dew drops shining on flowers. Alas, with time, people slowly lose that innocence, the ability to see everything with wonderment. People do start finding answers, which is good, but they always end up getting satisfied with the mediocre answers.

There are some things in this life which cannot be explained, which can only be felt and sometimes mere words cannot describe those feelings. Many times, you may have felt this urge to do something about your life, to get out from the vicious loop of repetition and find the true 'you'. That is the call of your soul to you, which every now and then calls you back, to come home now. But many people need a helping hand, a guide, a finger pointing to the moon when you have forgotten its existence. You can easily find a person who has profound experience in  Spiritual Healing Los Angeles,  it can rejuvenate your life and bring forgotten bliss to it.

Animals are pure love and joy. They live in the moment and acceptance of what is. They are very aware and in tune with their surroundings. Whenever tsunamis happen animals leave the shore and walk to higher grounds beforehand. If you would like to become more aware, and expand your consciousness, to be in touch with your inner voice. An experienced spiritual healer can easily teach and guide you the art of  Intuitive Animal Communication,  through which you can get more connected with animals, nature and thereby yourself.

In this journey of self exploration, Odile Dell'Aquila can surely help you a lot as a guide as well as a friend. She has traveled all over the world and met various spiritual teachers, tribes, understood their rituals, got connected with nature and ultimately herself. She will show you the path to true happiness, which is somewhere within you. She knows the art to make you remember that beauty. She can help you transform your life experience and so much more.

About Miss Odile Dell'Aquila

Miss Odile Dell'Aquila is a fine spiritual guide and healer. Experienced in teaching the art of  Intuitive Animal Communication.  She does guide and assist you to live in your heart, and listen to your inner voice and calling. For more details, visit her website at  http://www.odiledellaquila.com/.

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