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Posted by Stephen on February 24th, 2021

As photos are an absolute necessity have component for your products to assist your clients with imagining what they will buy the best. At the point when you are selling products online on Shopify, and you have likely previously found the Image Editor tool while transferring images to your Product pages.

This Image Editor will assist you with editing and resize the images that you need to place in your Shopify administrator. Notwithstanding, have you investigated all the choices accessible for altering your images? Additionally, do you see what the viewpoint proportion of your images means for how they look on websites?

This article is here for you to educate you on the strategy to use these free tools in the best manner, and gives you some cool tips while utilizing Image Editor, too.

Firstly, to Open the Image Editor, you need to upload your photo in the Product Listing Page. Once the image has been uploaded, click on the Edit icon, which is similar to the pencil, on the photo you want to edit.

Draw on an image

Step 1: Open Draw section

To open the Draw section, move your mouse and click on Draw.

Step 2: Choose color and brush size

Next, select one specific color that you prefer and choose the size for the brush.

Step 3: Draw on the image

You can draw anything you want on the image by clicking and dragging your pen on the image.

Step 4: Save image

Finally, click Done to insert the drawing into your image. As usual, you have to click the Save button to get all things done.


Step 1: Open Resize section

Firstly, click on the Resize button.

Step 2: Enter the new Width for the image

From there, the height will be automatically updated to ensure the same aspect ratio. The aspect ratio will be kept the same whenever you resize your image if you click on the Lock aspect ratio section. Otherwise, your aspect ratio makes your image disable and distorted.

Step 3: Save the stage

After all, click on the Done button to resize the image and then go to the Save stage.

One thing that you should pay attention to when resizing an image is its total size. Because when you try to adjust the aspect ratio by resizing the image, it can be distorted. To avoid this, crop the image to the aspect ratio that you want to use.

Change an image’s orientation

Step 1: Open Rotate section

Tap on Rotate to open the section.

Step 2: Change the image’s orientation

There are three options on the whole in the image’s orientation.

  • Click Rotate clockwise to turn the image clockwise
  • Click the Flip horizontally button to flip the image horizontally
  • Click the Flip vertically button to flip the image vertically

Step 3: Click Save

After clicking on Done button to apply the change the image’s orientation, click Save.


Step 1: Click on Crop

After hitting a click on Crop, there will be three different options spreading out, which are FreefromOriginalSquare

Step 2: Start cropping an image

After that, just frame the area of the image that you want to embed on your Shopify. In this section, pay attention to some of the circumstances below:

  • In case you want to crop the image into your own custom size, just click on the Freeform button. After that, click and drag one of four corners in the highlighted area, or you can click inside the highlighted area and drag it to a different position.
  • In case you want to crop the image, which has the same aspect ratio as the image, just click on the Original section. Because this will enable you to click and drag the corners of the highlighted area to resize it, or click inside the highlighted area and drag it to a different position. Consequently, your aspect ratio will stay in the same way as the original one when you resize it at any porpotion that you want.
  • In case you want to set the image into a square, just hit a click on the Square part. When you want to resize it, you will need to click and drag the corners of the square, or click inside the square and drag it to a different position instead. In this situation, the aspect ratio of the square will be kept in the same way as you resize it.

Step 3: Save the cropped image

Finally, all you have to do is to click Apply to crop the image. And then, when you’re done cropping image, click Save.


In general, I have placed all my involvement with utilizing Shopify Image Editor - what each Shopify client should test. On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning utilizing the Image Editor, simply a remark under this post and we will help you sort them hard and fast.

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