The Most Common Problem Comes in The Garage Door Opening

Posted by Secure for Sure on February 24th, 2021

If the garage door opener suddenly stops working, the problem's cause is usually straightforward to understand, and the solution is generally specific. These are the issues when you need to go to the garage door opener repair.

1. Operator power is cut off

People unplug their power supplies from time to time and then wonder why their garage door openers don't work. It sounds ridiculous, but it happens. Make sure the garage door opener is plugged into a working outlet. The outlet may disappear without warning, so you can check if the outlet works by connecting another active electronic device. Also, check the circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI.

2. Cable is broken or pops out

Like a bicycle sprocket, the cable can come off. In many cases, a broken torsion spring will break the garage door cable. Cables can damage vehicles and walls, and if a person interferes with the thread, it can cause severe damage. If the line breaks, you will need to contact an expert for assistance. Watch the video above.

3. Sensitivity has not been adjusted

it can happen with newly installed garage doors or old garage doors. If the sensitivity setting is too low or too high, the door will not open. Read the manufacturer's instructions to reset the sensitivity. You can adjust the closing force and limit switches to the correct level, and you should be fine!

4. The remote control is out of order

Several things can cause this problem if the garage door does not open with the remote control.

• It may be out of reach.

• The motor antenna may be damaged, or it may block the signal. Make sure it is hanging from the motor.

• If you want to open the door with a wall switch, it is enough to replace the remote control battery.

• If everything else fails, try reprogramming the remote control.

5. There is an invisible obstacle

The garage door will automatically flip when it touches an obstacle. If the door closes prematurely but retracts for no apparent reason, this may indicate that there is something that the door does not close. Check the truck for dirt, rocks, debris, and other debris. Clean up your vehicle to get rid of anything that could get in the way.

6. "Disconnect" has been changed

Each garage door opener comes with a disconnect switch, cord, or knob that allows you to manually operate the door in the event of a power outage. Make sure you haven't accidentally removed the motor.

7. Is locked!

It falls directly into the user error category. If the motor is running, but the door doesn't move, consider that it is locked. Check the access bar for metal parts that have slipped. If so, find the lock knob or handle and use it to unlock it.

If you still not find out the exact reason of the problem, then better is to take help of the expert.

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