Importance of Using Recycled Envelopes

Posted by Hartley Webdesign on February 24th, 2021

Paper waste can be a serious problem. In the United States alone, paper waste makes a whopping 40% of all types of solid waste. Envelopes are an important part of the paper waste. A large number of envelopes are sent through mails every day. Apart from that, production of paper can lead to the increase of deforestation and loss of biodiversity. Process of paper manufacturing releases green gases like carbon-di-oxide in a huge amount.

It is due to this reason that recycling of the paper is considered to be a good idea and urgent steps need to be taken to check this. The process through which paper is manufactured releases green gases like carbon-di-oxide and methane. This worsens the global warming and affects the current climate crises negatively.

Recycled envelopes are a new trend and yes envelopes can be recycled. This is because envelopes are paper and paper is recyclable as it is sourced from organic materials like wood pulp. Some paper envelopes can be recycled up to six times and are discarded only when their fibers become roo short for recycling purpose. At this moment they should be tossed to the recycling bin.

Some envelopes are made from plastics which is a mixture of paper and plastics which include binder envelopes, document folders, envelopes with bubble padding and binder envelopes. Plastic envelopes are made up of polyethylene which is a recyclable material. All the plastic envelopes are made up of this kind off material. You need to be very conscious about the kind of envelope that you are dealing with.

You need to look at the body of the envelope and check out which recycling grade it would be and then follow the instructions. There are envelopes which contain a mixture of plastic and paper materials. For these kinds of envelopes, it becomes very necessary to separate both before you dump them in the recycling bin. This is done because either plastic in the paper bin or paper in the plastic bin can cause problem of recycling and can make the entire process more difficult.

It is very important to separate them before you toss them in the recycling bin. This kind of envelope cannot be recycled. Another important thing that office goers need is eco-friendly office stationery. Environment lovers cannot ignore the importance of this type of stationery. The green stationery is much in demand and an increasing number of people are using it.

If you are hotel or a restaurant owner you would need menu covers made up of recyclable materials. If you are the one that love environment you can choose to go in for eco-friendly menu covers that not only look super stylish but save the environment also.

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