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Posted by Stephen on February 24th, 2021

In this writing, I might want to take you through an uncommon guide that brings you bunches of advantages about how to use Bulk Editor in Shopify.

There will likely be numerous new things you need to realize when you read this title. Yet, I'm certain that on the off chance that you realize the right method to alter items or things in bulk, you will actually want to save a lot of your time and exertion to assemble and produce your store better constantly.

Presently, how about we adhere to this nitty gritty instruction to do this effectively.

What's bulk editing?

This permits you to at the same time alter different items regarding editing loads and costs on Shopify. Moreover, you can set up your transportation rules for heaps of things on the double.

Specifically, you will be astonished and dazzled to sort out that the mass proofreader can likewise be utilized for editing customers, collections, inventory, pages, and blog posts. Along these lines, it will present to you an extraordinary encounter and become your useful asset when you run the store on Shopify.

Bulk Editor - How to use?

Step 1: Select products or items to edit in bulk

You must be in the Products section now. Then, you will see a full list of all the products of your store. Make sure to tap on the checkbox I’ve marked in the following picture to select all of them in a blink of an eye. This helps you edit all your items at once.

Step 2: Click on Edit products

When you’ve clicked to the checkbox, it will be ticked and display a sentence to inform you how many products are selected. Next to this field, there is a button named Edit products. Choose this button instantly to use the bulk editor.

Step 3: Edit products or items in bulk

In this step, you now can customize your products in terms of their prices, weights, sizes, colors and so on. To do this, click on the textbox corresponding to each product and enter your reasonable edits.

List of bulk actions in your Shopify admin

Shopify permits you to do bunches of mass activities so you can do numerous things rapidly and adequately. This will assist you with dodging disarray since mass activities will permit you to change different variations without a moment's delay and make it simpler to analyze. Thusly, if there is something improper or unique, you will rapidly perceive and transform it appropriately.

Doubtlessly you additionally understand the significance of mass activity in overseeing and working your store. In this manner, I might want to give you a rundown of the mass activities accessible that Shopify permits you to do. At the point when you need to cause a to alter and contemplate whether it's conceivable to utilize the mass editorial manager to do that, you can take a perspective on this amazing rundown beneath.

Admin pageBulk actions available
Orders Create shipping labels (requires Shopify Shipping)
Fulfill orders
Capture order payments
Archive ordersUnarchive orders
Add tagsRemove tags
App functions (depending on installed apps)
Orders / Drafts Delete draft orders
Add tags
Remove tags
Orders / Abandoned checkouts Archive checkouts
Unarchive checkouts
Products Make products available
Make products unavailable
Delete selected productsAdd tags
Remove tags
Add to collection
Remove from collection
App functions (depending on installed apps)
Products / Transfers Archive transfers
Unarchive transfers
Add tags
Remove tags
Products / Inventory Continue selling when sold out
Stop selling when sold out
Create transferUpdate quantity
Products / Collections Make collections available
Make collections unavailable
Delete selected collections
Products / Gift Cards Disable selected gift cards
Customers Delete selected customers
Add tagsRemove tags
Discounts Enable discounts
Disable discounts
Delete discounts
Online Store / Blog Posts Publish selected blog posts
Unpublish selected blog posts
Add tags
Remove tags
Delete blog posts
Online Store / Pages Publish selected pages
Unpublish selected pages
Delete pages
Online Store / Navigation / URL Redirects Delete selected redirects
Settings / Files Delete selected files

These are the things you can bulk edit on your store pages like Orders, Products, Customers, Discounts, Online Store and Settings. With the bulk activities above you can perform, you will actually want to save a great deal of time and exertion.

All editing will be done on a solitary page so you can undoubtedly perform, notice and think about between variations. On account of this, you can roll out sensible improvements and concoct fascinating designs to develop your store.


To summarize, I've taken you through How to use Bulk Editor rapidly and adequately. With a couple of straightforward strides with a couple of snaps, you can effectively act in a squint of an eye. Plus, there is a rundown of bulk activities in your Shopify administrator that gives you data about bulk activities that can be performed on the pages of your store. Specifically, it will be exceptionally time-consuming on the off chance that you perform manual bulk altering. Along these lines, I trust that the Bulk editor apps section on Shopify can be useful.

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