Different natural remedies for treating anxiety

Posted by homeopathsydney on March 3rd, 2015

Anxiety is a general health issues in recent times. A large number of the population is suffering from anxiety these days. The symptoms of anxiety can include anything right from headaches, hives, nervousness, migraines to panic attack.

There are several types of pills and therapies for anxiety available these days. However, chemical pills are not  able to provide a permanent solution for anxiety. Besides this, these pills are made using  chemical ingredients, which can lead to other health issues.  Several health research shows that natural remedies are very beneficial to get rid  of anxiety problem. 

There  are  countless natural remedies for anxiety. Some of the natural home  remedies are listed below:


Celery is highly beneficial in treating anxiety.  The consumption of  two cups of celery regularly are proven to be very effective in reducing the severity of anxiety attacks. Celery is a  great source of folic acid  and potassium, which is  highly effective in treating the  overcoming nervousness. 


As like celery, onion is also a great source of folic acid and potassium and hence very effective in reducing the panic attacks.  They also help you in restoring your sense of well-being.


Orange is an excellent source of vitamin C and hence very beneficial  in revitalizing the human body.  Besides nutrients, the aroma of orange eliminates the feeling of depression and anxiety.


Honey is one of the best remedies for restoring the body’s energy and eliminating the feeling of stress. Honey is the perfect solution, if  you have a sweet tooth and you want to eliminate the  anxiety issue.


Banana is a perfect solution for getting relief from the anxiety problem. It contains a huge amount of potassium, which increase your body’s energy level  and keep you fresh  and energetic all the time.  Beside this, banana is also beneficial in treating several other health issues.


The  extract of rosemary is used from ancient times to treat different psychological and anxiety problems. Most of  the people use  it by turning it into the tea. It increases the energy level and improve the immunity system of an individual to effectively fight from several health issues.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the  best solution for treating  problems like fatigue, anxiety, nausea and depression effectively  and quickly. So, it is a smart option to take green tea on a regular basis.

There are also several other natural remedies for anxiety. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and right eating habit  to live a healthy and disease free life. 

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