Top Advantages of Using Tools for Pre-Employment Tests to Employers

Posted by Irenia Diaz on February 24th, 2021

All through any hiring session, the whole objective of employers aims to secure as much relevant information about candidates that lead to quality hiring. However, in this intensely competitive age and with the increasing number of unemployed, the pain-point of pursuing the traditional methods of choosing candidates through — screening of resumes and interviews — typically doesn’t yield accurate insight. Surveys reveal that a whopping 78% of resumes hold misleading statements while an unstructured interviewing method works as poor forecasters of job performers.

On the contrary, adopting software-based pre-employment tests has been established as a sound and objective way of gathering work-related information on applicants. It can introduce an aspect of objectivity into your hiring session by providing seamless results and most importantly it will be standardized for all applicants. Thus, it can bring precision while choosing candidates given that employers now can use these valued data to make well-informed, correct, and justifiable hiring decisions. Let’ look at the benefits of using the software.

Increased Productivity

Market research establishes that well-defined and customized pre-employment tests are more likely to predict employee productivity levels across a wide-ranging of occupation types as well as industries. Tests involving judging of skills are amid the most flow-free means of foreseeing performance as they can objectively evaluate the degree to which an applicant has the awareness, skills, and aptitudes to do well at any given role.

Notably, as the correlation between skill test results and desirable business outcomes including employee training expenses, retention rates, customer fulfillment scale, and productively can be effectively connected to each other based on a data-driven way, it is fairly simple to fetch the highest ROI of employee pre-testing.

Higher Employee Retention

What makes more and more small and medium employers consider automated pre-employment testing process is that – it has been a proven method to enhance employee retention rate while ensuring that newly hired employees are outfitted with the basic skill sets, tempo, and temperament required for performing the job. And as they feel comfortable and interested in the type of task for which they are hired, it automatically lessens the probability of employees being fired for poor-performing as well as the likelihood that make employees quit. Thereby, as it improves employee retention, you’re less likely to experience increased costs linked to employee turnover.

More Efficient and Less Time-Consuming

When it comes to the traditional recruitment process – it can be unbelievably time-consuming – as typically takes nearly 45-50 days to fill a job position. Whereas the pools of applicants are rapidly increasing, it has become fairly challenging for recruiters to deal with the applicant flow and make the most suitable candidates out of the mass of resumes. By implementing highly innovative pre-employment tests software in the hiring process, you can magically streamline this process in a most organized way.

By inviting the applicants to take the tests online through signing in the social media pages like LinkedIn not only the software proves the authenticity of candidates’ onboarding but as well helps you filter the top talents with a few clicks only. This reduces the time spend for hiring drastically, ensures accuracy in the process, and similarly lets you focus on your core business areas efficiently without having to spend time unnecessarily screening candidates or interviewing.  

Increased Legal Defensibility in Hiring

Employers should do the best by bringing equitability and legal defensibility into their hiring process. The uniqueness of tools for pre-employment tests is that they are designed to let recruiters look at the ‘big picture’ for the organizational interest and select ‘truly’ skilled candidates while ensuring equitability and non-discriminatory hiring practices. Due to this advantage, an increasing number of companies prefer utilizing software-based test procedures that increase legal defensibility in their hiring process.

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