The best professions farming wow classic gold

Posted by ZOE on February 24th, 2021

How do you make quick WoW Classic gold? As one who played World of Warcraft since the vanilla days, I'd like to say, 'gold is the most common item in the game'.

In the sense that nearly every monster drops it and many quests award it. But gold in World of Warcraft Classic is tough to come by. You'll be seeing rewards in silver and copper that'll cover you in many cases, but rustling up the cash for fancy mounts can be a real challenge.

That's why you will need to use some strategies to help you farming wow classic gold. The one I'd like to share here is choosing the best professions.

We all know gathering is important in farming gold. By choosing a good gathering profession, it makes things even easier.

Herbing is particularly good because some players will use potions almost immediately—including healing potions and defensive elixirs—due to Classic's relatively high risk of damage and death at lower levels.

Skinning can be less lucrative and takes less time away from leveling, since you skin things as you kill them. But you won't have to compete for nodes the way you do with herbing or mining.

Mining is useful in several professions, including blacksmithing and engineering, and the demand tends to rise the closer players get to level cap. But, remember, gathering professions do not give experience in World of Warcraft Classic the way they do in the live game. Time spent herbing and mining is time away from leveling.

To sum up, the most important for farming wow classic gold is time. Don't have enough time? Now take a shortcut of going to a gold-selling site and just buy wow classic gold. Numerous gold sellers are waiting for you. I use a lot and they have relatively cheaper prices and they can deliver fast too.

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