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Aluminium die casting in recent times have lend great help in the manufacture of high quality precision based metallic components. Customers and consumers from varied industries like consumer electronics, automotive, healthcare, consumer durables like kitchen and bake ware have stood to gain from this method of metal casting.

Aluminium die casting is light in weight and is able to withstand very high operating temperatures. Characterised by this threshold of high operating temperature tolerance, these die casts have amazingly anti corrosion resistance. They show the high electrical conductivity and are fully recyclable. They also show good finishing characteristics.

Die casting aluminium is the process of forcing molten aluminium metal, under high pressure into a mold cavity. This is a manufacturing process that produces geometrically complex metal parts through the use of reusable molds called dies.

The process of die casting aluminium involves the use of a furnace, the metal aluminium, a die casting machine and die. It usually uses ferrous alloys like aluminium or zinc. This means that the die cast aluminium is a ferrous alloy with a wide range of physical and mechanical properties.

These turn out to be light weight, good corrosion resistant and hold good mechanical properties and dimensional stability. The high dimensional stability is ideal for complex shapes and thin walls. The high thermal and electrical conductivity retains strength at high temperatures.

Aluminium die cast posses good stiffness and strength to weight ratio, is ideal for harsh environments and exhibits good machining characteristics. Die cast materials contribute to the automobile industry by ensuring weight saving requirements to improve fuel economy in vehicles.

It is because of these unique features and durable characteristics that it can be used in a variety of products such as aluminium cast furniture, aluminium cast cookware and a variety of automobile parts. The non corrosive nature of this die casts prevents the wear and tear of the engine parts as also add longevity to its life. This technology has brought about a change in the area of cookware and bake ware too. Its ability to withstand high temperatures work wonderfully for the cooking vessels and its durability ensures its long life. Similarly cast aluminium furniture also has the strength and tenacity to last longer than their wooden counterparts. The anti rust, non corrosive feature makes them damage proof and strong. Harsh environments do not spell havoc to these products as they can withstand any conditions thanks to their unique features.

This casting method allows for high speed production as the whole process is automated and it is possible to obtain fairly complex castings. Due to its very small thickness it can be easily filled as the liquid metal injected into the molds at high pressure. The method ensures a good surface finish and can be directly electroplated without further processing. It is economical for large scale production and can yields innovative shapes. These molds can be reused a thousand times and are well designed to give complex products optimum accuracy and a smooth finish.

Die cast aluminium is definitely a boon for the metal and alloy industry

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