Why You Should Add A Pool Cover Reel To Your Poolside Equipment For 2021

Posted by Liz Seyi on February 24th, 2021

As you look ahead to the spring and summer, you may eagerly anticipate spending many days of these bright seasons splashing and relaxing in your outdoor swimming pool. After all, the pleasantly warm weather would be the perfect complement to taking a dip.  

However, you will want to keep debris away from your pool when you aren’t using it – and the right pool cover can help you to do that. Better still, you could invest in a pool cover reel that allows you to easily remove the cover from the pool once you are ready for some fun in it. 

How can your swimming pool benefit from a solar pool cover? 

A lot of us don’t spend hours at a time in our pools; in your case, you might be more inclined to casually dip in and out throughout the day, leaving the pool unoccupied for large stretches of time. However, doing this can play havoc with the water temperature. 

With a solar pool cover at hand, you can use it to cover the pool’s body of water when it isn’t in use, thereby enabling it to keep more of its heat before you return to lower yourself back into the pool. The cover can also guard against the water evaporating in your absence.  

A pool cover reel can help you to attach and detach your cover 

Given how large a solar pool cover often needs to be, you might not be surprised that taking one off a pool can be tricky – at least if you are eager not to inadvertently damage the cover in the process. Besides, rush-removing a cover can make it harder to reapply as and when necessary. 

However, having a pool cover reel system stationed near the pool can be of immense help. With this clever piece of equipment, you will be able to more easily roll up the cover even by yourself. From our product selection, we can provide you with a pool roller that features wheels, allowing you to roll the reel in and out of place as and when your requirements dictate.   

Why not order your solar pool cover and pool cover reel right now, so that you can set them up in time to use this spring and summer? 

We stock reel equipment suitable for pools up to 20ft wide, as well as an eye-catching range of covers for protecting reels when they aren’t in use. For all of your needs for pool equipment – supplied by trusted brands, and often available at big discounts – don’t look further than Pool Warehouse. 

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