Looking Sexy in your Mini Skirt

Posted by printdress on March 4th, 2015

Looking sexy in your mini skirt is more than slipping the skirt on and giving everyone your sexy look. If you really want to look sexy in that new mini skirt then take a couple of these hints and you will make every guy you see wish you were his girl or wife. Buying a sexy mini skirt is only the beginning of looking sexy and a lot of these ideas work with other clothes in your closet.

Wearing a mini skirt means exposing your legs and this is where you need to start. Get a tan, a spray tan or lay in a tanning bed for a short while. Don't get chocolate brown although chocolate brown girls are yummy and hot. In other words this is not an article on how to get a tan but rather how to look great in a sexy mini skirt and having an even, non winter white pair of legs is the objective. If need be you can use the tan in a bottle to get you a soft mocha or whatever color you prefer just be sure it isn't white. This is because tan versus white, white loses but a slightly tanned look is hot. Don't wear pantyhose for gosh sakes, just soft leggy skin.

Be sure you shave all the way up to the Mississippi River delta if you know what I mean as again your legs are on display and we want you to look outrageous in a great way. Put on plenty of your favorite lotion so you look and feel smooth as glass.

Panties! Yes in all likelihood you won't expose your panties but just in case decide if you are going to wear them and then if you are choose a neutral color or black. Tan is really ideal as if someone happens to catch a glimpse of your panties there won't be anything really to see. Wear a pair of snug fitting boy shorts or a thong depending on your own fashion style.

Shoes! High heels, no flats! That's right, if you want to look scrumptious then high heels of at least 3 to 4 inches is appropriate. The combination of high heels and a pair of tanned legs in a mini skirt is just like apple pie and ice cream. You are almost there so don't blow it with a pair of dumb shoes. Be absolutely certain they are polished, clean or looking like new as again you are exposed and will get a lot of attention, just be sure it is for the right reasons. Try a pair of knee high boots!

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