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Posted by Lithium Battery Store on February 24th, 2021

In selecting marine batteries, you need to look beyond the brand and consider the application, performance, and maintenance. As you explore your options, you are likely to come across the deep cycle marine battery and cranking batteries. Knowing their differences can help you make an informed choice. This guide should get you started:

Understanding cranking batteries

A cranking battery enables the boat to start when you activate the ignition switch, as it delivers power to the engine. This way, it is also called a ‘starter battery’. Motors require strong and short bursts of energy that is sourced from that battery.

The larger the plate surface area within the battery, the easier it will be able to provide sufficient power. As a result, cranking batteries come with a lot of thin plates to increase the surface area and ensure a smooth and reliable start. That configuration may be ideal to crank the engine, but it is not the best for cyclic use or continuous discharge. For that purpose, you will need a deep cycle marine battery.

How deep cycle marine batteries work

Once the engine has started, it doesn’t need powerful and quick bursts of energy from the starter battery. To keep running, the boat needs a reliable continuous power for trolling and other essential functions, such as operating electronic equipment (i.e., radios, sonar, and GPS). Deep cycle batteries are designed for that. It’s also for that reason why they are considered an ideal trolling battery, and the way they work is attributed to their design.

One of the aspects that set them apart from a cranking battery is their plates, which are fewer and thicker. This way, the battery can deliver continuous power output over extended periods. A deep cycle marine battery can also be fully drained and recharged several times and cranking batteries cannot.

Bottom line

Basically, cranking batteries will start the boat and get it on the water, and deep cycle batteries will keep it running along with its electronics in any condition. Another important thing to know about deep cycle marine batteries is they’re less likely to overheat because of their thicker plates. So, they can withstand higher temperatures, especially where heavy currents occur.

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