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Posted by blackhorselimo on March 4th, 2015

Who doesn’t swoon over those perfectly chiseled abs of Hollywood actors, or that hourglass figure of Hollywood celebs who look nothing but a diva and rock every dress they wear. However we all are fully aware of the amount of time and money they spend on personal trainers, gyms, healthy food, supplements and what not. But we mere mortals can hardly afford to put so much time and energy into our fitness regime. With the daily grind of office, home and social life, it becomes unmanageable to cook and eat proper meals let alone taking care of our body. Hence it becomes the most neglected aspect of our life and we only bother to stop and take care when all the warning signals by our body lead to a big explosion like an illness scare or a major life event like marriage about to happen where you want to fit into that beautiful dress.

And then people run into panic mode because they want to join the gym and get quick results. However it only leads to more harm to your body as in your rush for a fab body, you end up taking steroids and fat burners, which give immediate and short term results. The day you leave the gym, your body starts going back to the original shape. And at times you end up getting a worse body than before as you become more careless now. So it is very important to find a way of reducing weight and getting a fit and healthy body which will stay with you for a lifetime, and is cheap as well as convenient. A new trend has emerged nowadays. People can now take boot camp and Pilates classes for a healthier and effective weight loss plan. The boot camp classes include strength and cardiovascular exercises that give immediate results in terms of weight loss. Pilates emu plains classes help you co-ordinate the body and mind and helping you in getting a more agile, flexible, mobile body as well as strengthens front and back and improves posture, thereby giving you that positive confidence with a newer and healthier body.

The best part of this regime is that you can avail these classes at very nominal charges and you can avail them in a group where the personal trainer will overlook your progress and suggest required changes. You can also choose to work out with complete strangers or your friends, or your colleagues. You can easily find such groups online. So put on the music and start dancing to a newer, healthier tune.

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