The connection between bipolar disorder and thoughts of suicide

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on March 4th, 2015

We often make the mistake of ignoring our mental health in favour of physical health. Ask yourself this question – would you respond as quickly to something going wrong in your mind as you would, if it were with your body? No, you wouldn’t. This is because at times it takes years to get a mental illness diagnosed. And, bipolar disorder is one of those. This is precisely the reason why in most cases, people suffering from a severe case of depression such as this, often remain undiagnosed and take an attempt on their life. This begins with thinking about committing suicide and talking about helplessness and hopelessness. But the good part is that treatment, medication and companionship may just be the bridge between life and death for such a person.

Sometimes just listening without judgement can bring hope and life back for those suffering from extreme depression. But first you need to understand two things about bipolar disorder (BP) – a) noticing and recognizing symptoms in you or a person close to you who you doubt going through depression and, b) many of them may just be the symptoms of mild depression and not necessarily BP, so don’t be sure without consulting an expert.

So, there was this person I knew who was going through a tough time in her life and she started reading in the Internet about symptoms like extreme mood swings, sleeplessness, restlessness, loss of interest in activities that she once enjoyed doing and, most importantly, the repeated thought of committing suicide. And, she found that these were what bipolar disorder was all about. Thankfully, she realized soon enough that she is not an expert and decided to consult websites that discuss remedies and not just symptoms or problems. She began talking to people or spending time with those who made her feel happy. This person is still fighting her depression and negativity and trying to come out of it. Professional help might have helped but what helped her more was the personal touch of people she could trust her innermost thoughts with.

Usually people with this disorder will consider suicide as the only way out without thinking about its consequences on those close to them. If anyone close to you is going through a tough time, and you want to help them come out of it, then just let them talk without being critical or judgemental. Maybe they just need someone to listen to them.

Bipolar disorder in medical terms is a manic depressive illness. It is way different than the normal mood shifts that everybody goes through in their lives. It can affect relationships and performance. This disorder is characterised by what is known as mood episodes – manic episode and depressive episode. Mania is when the person will have an intense emotional state of happiness or excitement and depression relates to the state of extreme hopelessness and negativity. You will notice that there is a change in their energy, behaviour and activities. Tendencies of suicide occur in the depressive state.

On a more positive note, bipolar disorder can be managed with psychotherapy, medications and most importantly emotional support from those who are close to the person who is suffering from this mental state. In fact, spending quality time with someone trustworthy can even stop the person from thinking about suicide and give them the hope they need to get back to living a fulfilled life.

You can help a person suffering with bipolar disorder and save them from depressing thoughts like suicide.

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