How to fight depression and thoughts of suicide

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on March 4th, 2015

How to fight depression and thoughts of suicide? More and more number of people search the Internet with this question and with the hope of finding a way out of their negative thoughts. But do you know the best way to fight these thoughts? Replace them in your mind with positive thoughts like things that make you happy. It may be treating yourself with an appointment at the salon or enjoying a cup of coffee with your best friend or reading your favourite book or any activity that will give you a better perspective for your life and take you out of your blues. The first and most important treatment to any mental health issues starts with the love, support, understand and care of those who are close to the person suffering from this state of mind. 

Medications and psychotherapies are definitely there to treat the severe cases but isn’t there anything we can do to deal with depression when the first signs occur? Of course, we can. Companionship can make a big difference when you are feeling alone, sad, depressed and hopeless and think of committing suicide to run away from your fears of facing life’s complications.

So, spend time with the one person or people who make you happy, make you smile without the claws of depression threatening to grab hold of you and suck out all the positive thoughts from your mind. If this state of mind causes low mood and a disinterest in activities then you need to do things that take up your spirits. Think of what you loved to do. Read, walk, watch movies, shop, or have the time of your life with friends whom you can trust – it can be any activity which can help to take you out of your current state. Do something different from what you usually do. Change your lifestyle if required, wake up early in the morning and go for walk, practice meditation and deep breathing – these really help in shifting the mood.

Common symptoms of this disorder are thoughts of suicide, fatigue or sleeplessness. To get rid of this, start getting involved in activities as mentioned above. If you think you have been feeling sad for some reason or the other for a long time now, then don’t ignore it. Discuss the issue with someone you can trust. If you fear something then face it, if you are thinking about the worst then welcome it, you will see that it no longer remains an issue. The more you fear, the more it will grip you. So, to get rid of it, face it head on. It will become easier thereon. Tell yourself that it’s ok not to be perfect. Mostly, we fear the thought of failure and go into deeper depression. But failure isn’t unacceptable, and it’s unrealistic to think that you will succeed all the time.

Self treatment is the best way to treat depression so that it doesn’t reach a level where you have to depend on medications. Eat well, sleep well and do everything to live a happy life. Remember that it’s just one life that we get to live and thinking of suicide is no way to get rid of problems in life. In fact, life is a mix of good and bad times and we’ve got to know the ways to face the bad days with courage and faith.

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