Depression ? what and how to treat

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on March 4th, 2015

Don't all of us feel sad for some reason or the other and sometime or the other? This is normal human behavior. The state of sadness passes after a while. But what if the feeling of sadness simply refuses to go away and interferes with the way one leads their life? This, my friend, means that they have depression. It is important to know how to fight depression because it can have far reaching consequences if not treated on time.

Depression can have many names – major depression, major depressive disorder and clinical depression. This a clinical condition that causes sadness and makes one lose interest in everything. If someone is depressive, they are affected in the way they feel, think and behave. What can be the consequences if they continue to do nothing about this state of mind? In the worst case scenario, they may try and take their own life. This is the most heinous crime one can commit. When someone knows how to fight depression, they wouldn’t come to a point where they think about suicide.

Nobody can say with certainty what causes someone to become depressive. As per the experts, a combination of factors can cause this problem. The factors could be in someone's genes or some personal experience or their biochemical environment or some psychological factors. Factors that can cause someone to be depressive include sexual abuse, loss of someone close and difficulties in relationships.

Archives of Psychiatry conducted a study where MRI scans showed that those suffering from clinical depression had, in some regions, less brain volume. These regions include the hippocampus, the frontal lobe and the basal ganglia. It was found that the hippocampus returned to normal size after treatment.

As per the Stanford School of Medicine, genes play a role in making someone depressive. The researchers studied major depression in identical and non-identical twins and found that heritability is major factor in developing depression.

There are various other studies that have been conducted on this topic and the researchers have gone a long way in identifying the probable causes for this disease. However, no definitive conclusion has been arrived at yet.

All this points to the fact that one needs to know how to fight depression. It is said that there are several natural ways to treat this problem. It is said that if someone becomes active in life and regulates their diet, they can get rid of this constant feeling of sadness. Meditation is also said to be one of the ways one can use to come out of their depressive state of mind.

But all these solutions don’t work for everybody. There are cases where professional counseling is required for someone to come out of depression. There is a lot of information available online on this topic and one doesn’t need to move heaven and earth to find out how to fight depression.

If you know someone is suffering from depression, you should try and find out how to fight depression. This is the best way to help that person.

Depression is a clinical illness that should be treated on time. Find out how to fight depression and you could save a life.

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