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More and more people in Richland are getting boats. As you may already know, security is a big concern for boat owners as boats, like outboard motors, can be easy targets for thieves. On average, more than 200 boats and 500 outboard motors are stolen every year in Nevada.
Because boats and boat engines often have a relatively high value, these objects are in high demand in the stolen goods markets. Due to the underdeveloped security systems in many marinas, perpetrators of boat burglary and boat engine theft are in many cases never caught and the items never recovered.
Eliminate the risk of boat theft in Richland
Below are useful tips to prevent boat theft:
•    Store your boat in a secure unit for boat storage in Richland. Specialized facilities such as Luxelocker offer 24-hour security with manned gates and surveillance camera systems
•    When mooring at a marina, secure the boat as best you can on a cable or chain with an approved lock.
•    Install an additional electronic security system, for example an alarm system or a vessel tracking system.
•    When storing your boat on your property, keep it in a secure boat shed during the winter, or in an enclosed area.
•    Paint your boat name or number prominently on your boat, inboard engine or outboard engine.
•    If you have your boat on a trailer, secure it with a suitable and approved lock, for example a coupling lock or wheel clamp.
•    Remove your outboard motor from the boat or otherwise have an approved outboard motor lock on it.
•    When mooring on the water, remember to take out all valuables from the boat after every use.
What to do after your boat has been stolen
If your boat has already been burglarized or stolen, make sure to provide the police with detailed information about your boat such as its model, color, name and valuables onboard. Also contact your insurance provider and inform them of the incident. Remember to let them know of all the boat security measures you had in place. For more tips or to reserve a secure unit for boat storage in Richland Nevada, please get in touch with Luxelocker.

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