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Posted by sophiamilller on March 5th, 2015

When it comes to make-up we always have to choose between low end and high end products. While some may argue that there’s something in between that, the fact remains that the difference between a professional makeup set and anything else is just too big. Nothing beats quality and that’s why even with a medium range product like a black spot concealer we’re always going to be struggling to make it look good. With professional products we can get to the point where makeup looks good and amazingly natural.While makeup used to be a form of adornment that was used in order to differentiate those who were higher class from the rest, nowadays it has become a means of enhancing one’s appearance regardless of their statute in society. Most of those that choose to wear makeup today, including men, do so because they want to simply enhance their appearance and feel better. However, it is also used as means to regulate our self-esteem, as it seems that we are more confident and outgoing the better we feel about ourselves. However, there are different types of makeup and there are various products that can be used to achieve this. If we want to balance the tone of our skin, then we should use a quality concealer as well as a professional makeup brush set.However, the wearing of makeup has also become a subject of study as it seems its presence affects more than just the way in which someone perceives us physically. A study done at the Harvard University shows that there’s a connection between wearing makeup regularly and being perceived as more trustworthy and likeable. Furthermore, it seems that those that wear makeup are seen as more confident and healthier; things that also influence the earning potential of a person as it allows access to more prestigious jobs. We can thus see that there are more benefits to wearing makeup than there are downsides. Of course, it all depends on the quality of the products we use, as a low quality makeup brush set or concealer can be made out of substances that can easily irritate skin.We don’t hear very often about cases of irritations and bad reactions to makeup but that may just be due to the fact that these things are hardly news worthy. Furthermore, anyone going through such a bad experience would probably prefer to keep these kinds of news to themselves, not even sharing it with their family sometimes. Of course, we’re all aware of the bad things that can happen if we use certain products that are of inferior quality. A dark spot concealer that causes a rash is not something we can ignore. However, the real problem comes when the consequences of using low grade products aren’t all that immediate or obvious. Some products can cause us to become intoxicated with a certain chemical that slowly eats away at our immunity system, while others may contain products that are in some way carcinogenic. If anything, when it comes to our makeup brush set and products we need to make sure quality is not an issue.

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