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Versatile Rolex Datejust watches

Posted by tedmark on March 5th, 2015

 There are a few watches that made history and Rolex Datejust watches and Rolex Sea dweller/Deep Sea watches are among them. They brought innovative features for that time and even nowadays it is hard for other manufacturers to keep up with that level of quality and sophistication. Rolex has always surprised us and investing in Rolex watches is not a matter of simply looking stylish, but having a piece that will always make a statement and will be remembered no matter what.

The reason why Rolex Datejust watches were so innovative for that time is because they were self-winding, waterproof and they had the chronometer. The first model was released in 1945 and in 1955, the Cyclops showed up, offering a clearer view of the date. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most well known and recognized features that Rolex watches have. There are many features worth mentioning and among them is the metal link bracelet, being iconic, the Jubilee band and the bezel. At first, Rolex watches were mainly focused on male wearers, while in 1950, models for females have started to show up.

Rolex Datejust watches are among the most customized, thus appealing to a larger spectrum of watch enthusiasts. They are available in stainless steel, rose gold an even in 18kt yellow gold. As for the bracelets, there are two options: Jubilee and Oyster. Of course, the more recent versions of Rolex Datejust watches have a more modern appeal and they come with a few new functions and features. It is up to each person to decide what they prefer and what suits them better. All versions are waterproof, nothing is able to get inside the case, neither water nor particles. Rolex watches were worn by famous people throughout history, starting with presidents to celebrities and athletes.

On the other hand, there are Rolex Sea dweller/Deep Sea watches, dedicated to divers, the vintage models being able to withstand diving depth of 610 meters. However, the newer models can go up to 3900 meters. The line was created for divers who needed highly water resistant watches that could assist them in great depths. For this collection as well there are several designs and variations available, having different references. Most of them have the helium escape valve, but they didn’t have the Cyclops, the date magnifier, which are present on almost all Rolex watches.

Many divers have stated their experience and how far they could reach with Rolex Sea dweller/Deep Sea watches. Of course, there are other limitations, medical ones, imposed by high pressure and extreme depth. However, Rolex certainly caters more needs than just being dedicated to designing fashionable and stylish watches. This can easily be seen by viewing some of the collections, both vintage and modern. Rolex does know how to impress and the Swiss company does not disappoint in any aspect. Watch enthusiasts are able to find the most popular or the rarest Rolex watches that influenced history.

Right here you can find Rolex Datejust watches that surely impress. For a different perspective and different types of watches, Rolex Sea dweller/Deep Sea watches are available in several colour schemes.

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